4 Business Tips for Navigating COVID-19

Even though you may be working from home or your business hours have been cut short, we are lucky to live in a digital age with a variety of ways to keep our clients engaged. Many small businesses have started to create ‘work-from-home-content,’ while sprinkling in some promotions that focus on driving revenue. Now, more than ever before, tools like Instagram Live, Facebook Live, and email marketing are crucial to the success of your business. Here are 4 tips to help sustain your business during this uncertain time.

1. Keep your website up-to-date

As areas of your business continue to change, keep your clients in the loop every step of the way with your website. Let your clients know if you are adjusting or maintaining hours of operation, which services you may still be offering, or if there are any location changes. Use your homepage as the focal point for new updates so visitors don’t have to search for important information.

If your messaging requires more details, create a new page dedicated to your developing updates. Once this page is finalized, be sure to link back to it from your homepage, social media channels, email newsletters, and any other communication platform.

2. Encourage your clients to continue making purchases

One of the biggest concerns is how to keep money flowing into your small business. A great way to mitigate this concern is to incentivize clients to buy gift cards for themselves and others by offering a promotion.

One strategy could be announcing a ‘buy one, get one’ deal on your daily Instagram and Facebook posts. In these posts, you can also ease any client concerns by assuring them these gift cards won’t expire and can be used at your business at any time in the future. With all strategies, be sure to mix non-sales focused content into your social media posts so you can continue a natural conversation with your audience.

3. Drive clients to your online store

If your small business sells products online, email marketing is the most seamless way to direct clients to your website to make purchases. These days you have to offer free shipping to stay competitive as many people are leaning heavily on websites like Amazon that will deliver their items quickly and affordably.

In your chiropractic practice, for example, patients may be scared to come into the office for their adjustment. To continue helping your patients relieve pain and live a better life, you can send an email targeting patients who can use a cervical neck pillow at home in between cracks. This keeps your patients healthy and engaged with your practice, while also continuing to bring in revenue.

4. Feature Live Video content on your social media

The Live Video tool has become so popular and effective during this time, and is a crucial way to keep your audience engaged. If you haven’t started using it, it’s time to incorporate this strategy into your weekly efforts. 

For example, salons can host videos on caring for color-treated hair at home, while chiropractors can feature stretches that help suppress back pain. Fitness and yoga studios can also host digital classes on a daily basis. In order to bring in more viewers, send an email 1-2 days before to encourage clients to tune in to your live video. To be even more effective, send a reminder email the day you’re going live and target the clients who showed interest by opening the first email.

If you have any technical difficulties when your video content goes live, which happens to many, be sure to keep clients updated with Instagram and Facebook posts as you work to get your live video up.

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