3 ways to increase patient visits during COVID-19

While practices big and small have experienced countless challenges due to the pandemic, one of the most pressing challenges is getting patients to come into the office. In a recent survey by the Medical Group Management Association, they found that patient revenue was at 76% of last year’s levels for the month of June alone. Previous months showed even lower levels of revenue for practices. 

Although many practices across the country are dealing with lost patient revenue there are a number of strategies you can employ with the support of a communication and marketing solution like Demandforce. Here are three things you should focus on to help increase patient visits to your practice.

Educate your patients with COVID-19 emails

It’s smart to have a clear communication strategy to follow when trying to reach your patients in a timely and efficient manner. Using email campaigns, practices can update patients on recent hours of operation changes and also send COVID-19 specific health tips and reminders. These emails can help educate your patients on how to stay healthy as well as put their mind at ease about coming into your office by explaining the safety precautions your practice is following. 

Campaign Studio allows practices to easily segment their email to a specific group of patients like those who haven’t had their physical yet this year. To tie all the features together, in-depth campaign monitoring lets you instantly analyze leads generated and appointments requested to help inform improvements you can make to your communication strategy.

Get your practice fully onboard with Telemedicine

An easy way to combat patient fear of physically going into your office is to implement virtual visits as an option for your patients. This puts your patients’ minds at ease and allows your office to run more efficiently. What’s more, by offering virtual services you are exponentially increasing the number of patient appointments compared to only offering in person appointments. This could be a key factor in increasing revenue for your practice.

It’s not too late to get started with a telemedicine solution for your practice! Deliver outstanding care from anywhere with our Telemedicine platform. Safely consult with patients using HIPAA compliant video conferencing, online calendar scheduling, session billing, and secure messaging.

Increase your online presence

With so many practices across the nation struggling during the pandemic, growing your online presence is vital. Make it easier for potential patients to find you when searching for a healthcare professional online by ensuring that your online listings are accurate and have the most up-to-date information. Optimize your online listings with a listing management tool like ListingPro, to help improve the visibility of your practice. It automatically updates your online listings across major sites including Yelp, Google, Facebook, Healthgrades, Demandforce Local and more. 

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