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3 Ways Text Messaging Retains Customers

Texting is now the most used form of communication for Americans aged 50 and under. The popularity is due to its unintrusive nature, immediate response times, and ease of use. People not only communicate with friends and family via text, but with businesses as well.

One study found that all age groups wished businesses texted them more including over 80% of those age 18-41. Our text messaging features give your customers what they want and make it easy for you to connect with them.

Appointment reminders and confirmations to keep your schedule full

77% of people prefer to receive appointment reminders by text. Set up text appointment reminders and confirmations to cut down on repetitive office tasks and fulfil your customers’ needs. Since the majority of texts are read almost as soon as they’re received, it’s also an effective way to actively engage with your customers and minimize appointment no-shows.

Hot List to fill unexpected no shows

Last-minute appointment cancellations are inevitable and it’s important to fill those spots as soon as possible to reduce lost revenue. Our Hot List tool was designed specifically for this purpose. Customers looking for an earlier appointment are added to the list and alerted by text when there is a no-show. If the new time works, customers can reply to the message confirming that they would like the available spot, giving them the earlier appointment they desired and filling holes in your schedule.

One-off messages to check in with customers

You can text back and forth with customers from within the Demandforce portal, keeping all methods of communication in one place. The texts are prioritized so that the most urgent messages like those regarding rescheduling or cancellation are listed first and can’t be missed. There’s also an extensive library of suggested responses to answer the most commonly asked questions so you can reply back in seconds.

Communicating with customers in their preferred method of contact can enhance customer satisfaction, retention, office efficiency, and more. 82% of people have received a text from a business so if you still aren’t texting with customers, your business is missing out.

Learn more about Demandforce’s Text Message features

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    Rita Sanders
    4 years ago

    It’s interesting that 77% of people prefer to get reminders by text when I’ve never even heard of that. I think that would be really convenient. Maybe I should think about integrating text messaging into my business.