3 ways text messaging can help businesses during COVID-19

State and city reopenings have led to a rise in COVID-19 cases, and as a result a number of businesses have begun to re-close. This is bound to have challenges for your business, no matter what industry you are in. Communication continues to be of the utmost importance in this rapidly-changing period we are currently in. Maintaining regular communication with your clients is the best way to keep them informed about changes to your business. With nearly every American owning a smartphone, text messaging is the most ideal method for businesses to quickly communicate with clients.

Demandforce offers a robust suite of texting features to help you reach clients fast and help keep your business top-of-mind as you continue to navigate the effects of COVID-19. Here are three text messaging and communication features from Demandforce that can benefit your business today.

One-Off Messaging

One-Off Messages are perfect for non-automated information and notifications for clients and can be used to give notice of unexpected closures, request additional information from clients or even respond to a client’s inquiries and appointment requests. Additionally, one-off messages can be sent to a specific segment of your clients, like clients with upcoming appointments, clients with no scheduled appointments, or any specific criteria our customers choose. Once you create a template for a specific client segment you can then save it for future use.

 If you recently reopened, send individuals or a group of clients a promo offer or quick update about an upcoming appointment. In case of a closing or reduced hours, easily send out an update to all of your clients at once. 

Reminders and Confirmations

Reduce no-shows and recall lost clients with fully-customizable appointment reminders sent via text. Clients can simply reply ‘C’ to confirm. The new text reminder update allows for complete customization. Demandforce customers can add pre-appointment instructions, like mobile check-ins, or any information related to COVID-19. Automated reminders and confirmations increases office efficiency while also helping make sure your clients keep their appointment. 

Two-Way Texting

Allow clients to text your business at their convenience with a 10-digit textable phone number and respond instantly. It’s important that your clients are able to get a hold of you with any questions or concerns that they may have. Easily engage with clients whether it is a client initiated conversation or a business initiated conversation. Two-way texting is an excellent customer service tool that your clients will greatly appreciate during COVID-19 and beyond. 

When you consider that text messaging is the number one preferred method of communication among millennials and also has a higher engagement rate across all demographics compared to emails, it’s clear that implementing text messaging into your communication strategy can greatly impact the success of your business. 

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