3 tips to create an effective COVID-19 email

One of the most frustrating aspects of enduring the COVID-19 pandemic is the abundance of misinformation circulating social media and various online sources. The rapid spread of misinformation online leaves your clients with more questions and concerns. As their provider, you can help them navigate through this uncertainty with informative email campaigns. Here are 3 tips to create effective COVID-19 email content.

  1. Keep email content relevant

At this point in the pandemic it’s likely you’ve already sent at least one COVID-19 relevant email  to your clients. There’s no need to send out information you’ve already shared with your clients just because your competitors are doing so. It’s important that you send emails that are useful, effective, and engaging. A successful engaging COVID-19 email is one that is relatable to your clients. Your clients are more interested in COVID-19 developments that relate to their public health safety, and trust you to give them tips that they will find useful.

  1. Emails should be easy to read

It is essential that emails are easy to read. Rather than sending out walls of text, break up your email into its key elements. It seems like every brand anyone has given their email to is flooding their inboxes. If you do the same clients will want to skim through your email quickly, so consider formatting with bullet points, and clear headlines and subheadlines. If you have a goal for the email outside of high open rates, be sure to include a clear call-to-action button as well. 

  1. Keep it short and to the point

As the pandemic pushes us to rely more on the Internet, inboxes are filling up faster than ever before. To prevent your clients from associating this information overload with your practice, keep your emails short and to the point. An effective COVID-19 email will stick to just a few key points, and may focus on news developments that are concerned with client safety specific to your industry as per your state’s guidelines. Clients will be more responsive to emails that are specifically related to your industry, because as their provider they rely on you as their expert. 

Demandforce has made it easy to send client emails with customizable COVID-19 email campaign templates. There are a variety of templates available to choose from, including templates for businesses that need to close temporarily, adjusting operating hours, or are announcing a reopening. Templates are available for client segmentation like clients who spend a certain amount, purchase multiple services, have missed or overdue appointments, and more. These templates are effective, simple to implement, and easily customizable to your specific needs.

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