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3 Strategies to Improve Communication in Healthcare

With any relationship, communication is key, and it’s even more important with patients. Patient satisfaction can lead to better health outcomes, increased adherence to medical advice, and overall improve communication between patients and providers.

Healthcare professionals can improve communication by using text message marketing, email marketing, and automated messaging, saving their staff time and boosting their patient satisfaction and retention. When healthcare providers use technology to communicate, their strategies can be even more effective by sending personalized messages that focus on the patient’s specific care and health needs. Learn which communication tools are vital to improving patient safety, care, satisfaction, and retention.

3 ways a technology-based strategy can streamline effective communication

1. Use automated communication tools to free up your staff’s time

Some of the most common medical administrative duties include processing forms for insurance claims and billing insurance providers for services. This type of work requires the full attention of your staff, while automated communication tools can streamline everything from appointment reminders and confirmations to growing your practice’s online reputation. 

Automated review requests are an invaluable tool for medical practices. Patients are more likely to leave you a review if you ask them within 24-48 after their visit. Practices can configure automated text review requests immediately after a visit. The feedback is published to the review site of your choice. Your reputation will then grow on sites like WebMD and Google, or the review sites that matter most to your practice.

Automating the review request process will give your staff more time to focus on administrative duties and ways to improve patient satisfaction. Reviewing patient feedback can help you and your staff uncover errors in the onboarding process and overall help improve patient satisfaction with your practice.

2. Reach patients via their preferred method of communication

Most healthcare providers still haven’t adopted modern tools like Two-Way Text Messaging to communicate with patients. Initiating and responding to patient communications via two-way text will set your practice apart from other healthcare providers in your area. 

Common patient questions that can be answered in a text message:

  • Information on an upcoming treatment or procedure
  • Understanding the benefits or side effects of prescribed drugs or supplements
  • Discussing common symptoms

Seventy percent of patients are more likely to choose a provider that sends text reminders about follow-up care, according to the Accenture 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey. Adopting this strategy will make your staff’s process more effective, and create a more positive patient experience.

3. Improve the patient experience by using one communication platform

Embracing mobile communication tools is an effective strategy for your healthcare practice. With Mobile Check-In, you can allow patients to check-in for appointments via their mobile device once they’ve parked their car. This will reduce the number of people in your waiting room and ensure a safe environment for your patients.

For example, if your waiting room is at capacity, you can text incoming patients and ask them to wait 5 minutes or until it’s safe to enter for their appointment. This mobile-first solution creates a seamless communication journey for every patient as they can confirm their appointments and check-in for appointments all from their cell phone.

Using Demandforce Live desktop notifications, your staff will receive instant notifications about new text messages, appointment requests, and confirmed appointments. Desktop notifications will help you prioritize communications in real-time and stay organized by using one tool for all patient communication. 

It’s important to note that when it comes to email, focus on quality, not quantity. Patients don’t expect to receive an email newsletter from you weekly. Inform and update patients only when it makes sense by sending patients relevant emails.

It’s time to prioritize patient communication in healthcare

Now more than ever there is a magnifying glass on healthcare. Demandforce has industry-leading communication solutions that can help you boost recall and retention rates. Our all-in-one patient communication solution benefits both your patients’ healthcare and your practice’s bottom line.

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