3 Smart Text Messaging Tools

Today, 97% of Americans own a cellphone, according to Pew Research, with 85% of the US population owning a smartphone. Give the wide adoption of mobile phones, it’s no surprise that most people have adopted texting as their #1 preferred communication method.

Texting offers major opportunities for businesses like yours to keep in touch with clients. You can send out appointment reminders, product and service updates, review requests, and more. If you’re considering implementing a texting solution, make sure it has three essential features.

#1: Bulk Text Messaging

With the right solution, you can send out critical texts to a broad audience. Bulk texting lets you set up a message once and distribute it to opted-in contacts with ease. This is a convenient way to reach many people at once and ensure they receive a consistent message.

What kind of bulk texts should you consider? Use bulk texts to let clients know about updates to your hours, any new services or products, or special promotions or events. You can also share news about any new procedures, such as a revamped check-in process. 

You can feel confident that clients will see your messages promptly. Recent texting research found that 90% of people respond to text messages within 30 minutes.

#2: Photo Messaging (MMS)

If you want to create even more engagement, you can use photo messages, also known as multimedia messaging service (MMS). You can use images to grab attention and convey critical information to clients. For example, you could send visual mobile coupons to highlight a current promotion. Or you could send out an image to promote your services or spotlight a new product.

In addition, you can receive photos from clients via two-way messaging. This approach can be especially useful for customer support.  Clients may not always be able to articulate what their needs or questions are, but a photo can give you the insight you need to find the right solution.

#3: Text Automation

Texting can also be a vital tool that helps you manage your daily schedule and your online reputation. How? Simply automate two routine, but critical, operational processes: appointment reminders and review requests.

To distribute appointment reminders, set up a distribution schedule that works for your business. You may need one reminder the day before an appointment, several staged over a week, and/or day-of reminders. You can also let clients confirm or cancel via text to keep your schedule up-to-date. With text appointment reminders, you can reduce no-shows and all the expenses and hassle those missed appointments can cause.

Also, you can automatically send out review requests via texts shortly after appointments while the experience is still fresh in clients’ minds. Let clients give you a star rating and provide open-ended feedback, collect their input, and push out to review sites to help build a positive online presence.

Texting Can Help You Reach More Clients

We’ve all grown used to the convenience of texting. While texting has quickly become our go-to method of communication for chats with friends and family, it has many business applications as well. In truth, texting is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to contact clients with information that they need to know.

If you need to get information out to large audiences quickly, consider bulk texting. Use photo messages to gain attention and motivate clients to take action. Rely on text automation for essential everyday tasks, like appointment reminders and review requests.

When you add text messaging to your communications mix, you can feel certain that your messages will reach more clients. You’ll help clients feel connected to your business while keeping them informed. Over time, your outreach will help fortify relationships, foster sales, and spark continued business growth.

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