3 Benefits of Text-Enabled Landline Phone Numbers

Texting has become the preferred method of communication for many people. In fact, the U.S. sent nearly 2.1 trillion messages last year, and that number is steadily growing. In order to increase the customer experience and enhance communication, businesses need to embrace text messaging as part of their communication strategy. Many businesses send text messages to clients from a short five or six-digit code, however, Demandforce offers a better solution.

Text-enabled landlines allow businesses to use their existing business phone number to send and receive texts from clients. This solution helps clients distinguish your business from others and eliminates the need to add an additional phone number. You can respond to client texts from the Demandforce Mobile app, Demandforce Live desktop app, or the Demandforce portal. Here are three advantages to adopting text-enabled landlines for your business.

Increased Client Satisfaction 

Consider this fact: A recent survey found that nearly 63% of respondents said they would switch to a business that offered texting as a communication channel. When calling a business, 92% of clients expected to wait on hold for at least five minutes, but texting provides an opportunity for a quicker response. With a text-enabled landline, you can provide clients the efficient and timely communications they expect. 

Texting allows you to reach clients promptly, answer questions, or address service concerns while avoiding the frustration of playing “phone tag.” Offering text communications shows your clients that your business is attentive to their needs and respects their time, which boosts client loyalty.

Quicker Response Times

With a text-enabled landline solution, you can set up automated responses to acknowledge incoming texts immediately. Use a pre-written message or customized response to help increase your response time and create a next-level client experience. Instead of waiting several business days for a reply, clients will appreciate a same day response. As an added benefit, clients are likely to respond to your texts faster to keep the conversation progressing.

According to another recent survey, respondents cited faster response times as the top factor that would improve client experience. That survey also found that nearly 40% of clients would stop doing business with a company after a single poor experience. So not responding, or responding too slowly, to client inquiries can cause client defections and revenue losses.

Streamlined communication

Text open rates and response rates for businesses are significantly high at 98% and 45%, respectively. What’s the takeaway? Texting can empower you to reach clients and field incoming queries proactively. Unlike calling or sending emails, you can feel confident that clients will see and respond to your texts at their convenience. Set yourself apart from your competition with a text-enabled landline that makes it easy for clients to see and recognize your business number. 

Put Text-Enabled Landlines to Work for Your Business

Today, competition for clients is fierce, and efficient outbound communications can set you apart from the competition. Text-enabled landlines should be a critical element of your communication strategy to delight clients and empower business growth. Businesses have the opportunity to shrink response times from days to hours to deliver higher levels of service excellence. When customer satisfaction increases, you can retain more loyal clients, increase referrals, and achieve revenue gains.

Demandforce makes it easy for businesses to send and receive client text messages by assigning a real 10-digit textable phone number. Learn more about text-enabled landlines and text messaging from Demandforce here.

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