3 Benefits of Telemedicine

At this point, it’s difficult to say if patient healthcare behaviors will go back to what they were before the pandemic. Will patients readily go back to their primary doctors, chiropractors and veterinarians the minute stay-at-home orders are lifted? Will it take time to readjust back to normalcy? It’s possible that as a result of this crisis there will be a shift in the healthcare industry and we’ll see telemedicine become the new standard for practices everywhere. 

Telemedicine not only lets practices stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can prove to have major advantages for the long-term future of healthcare practitioners. Here are three benefits of telemedicine to consider during COVID-19 and beyond.

Decreases amount of no-shows

One of the biggest challenges that practices face is decreasing the number of no-shows in the office. Using telemedicine in combination with appointment reminders eliminates a number of reasons why patients are no-shows.  Everything from a patient not having a ride to the office to simply forgetting about their appointment is mitigated with telemedicine and appointment reminder functionality. Video conferencing allows patients to receive consults from home, work, and virtually anywhere. 

Better patient experience

Telemedicine puts you in a prime position to offer patients an overall better experience compared to your competitors. Patients won’t have to spend time in a waiting room or driving through traffic just to get to their appointment. Telemedicine is by far the most convenient way for patients to receive care from their practice. Don’t be surprised if you see a segment of your patients that end up preferring and requesting telemedicine visits over physically going to your practice after the COVID-19 pandemic has resolved. By offering telemedicine to patients now, your practice will be prepared for the future of medical visits. 

Higher office efficiency

Telemedicine gives you the ability to schedule your appointments, see your patient’s medical history, fill prescriptions, and bill your patient all in one interface! This leads to higher office efficiency which gives your practice more time to focus on patients.

As a result of seeing more patients, you’ll have a greater chance to gain more patient reviews on listing sites like Yelp and Google which will boost your online presence.

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    John Smith
    3 years ago

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