10 Questions to Ask When Evaluating an Appointment Reminder System

Every business knows that technology can streamline critical functions, improve efficiency, and reduce expenses. But it can be hard to prioritize investments and know that you are getting the best functionality for your dollar. What technology should you seek, and which features are essential?

If you run an appointment-centric operation — such as a medical, dental, or veterinary practice, a salon, spa, or automotive business — an appointment management solution is essential. You can eliminate a significant amount of manual work while improving client satisfaction with an advanced appointment reminder solution.

Before you choose a solution, however, be sure to get all your questions answered. Here are ten of the most commonly asked questions about appointment reminders to help you make an informed decision for your business.

#1: Why Does My Business Need Appointment Reminder Software?

Businesses have long relied on phone-based approaches to remind clients about upcoming appointments, with day-before outreach an accepted standard in many industries. You may think that this approach has worked adequately for years, so why make a change now?

First, you should realize that many of your clients use technology to interact with businesses and want the same convenience from every organization they engage. They’re likely scheduling appointments and receiving reminders from other businesses and expect the same from you. How will they feel if you don’t meet this expectation? Will they see you as an innovator that cares about the customer experience or a laggard that is stuck in the past?

Another factor to consider is the administrative cost of manual appointment reminder processes. Do you have a staff member who dedicates hours each day to calling clients to remind them about appointments? If so, it’s likely that many of these calls are going straight to voice mail and may not even be noticed. What is more, your team member could redirect this downtime to more important tasks and deliver more value to your business.

#2: How Can My Clients Receive Appointment Reminders?

One of the best features of advanced appointment reminder practices is the ability to reach clients across multiple channels. That means you can send reminder messages via phone, text, or email. Receiving the same message several ways makes it more likely that clients will notice and attend their scheduled appointment on time.

Considering the high cost of missed appointments, a proactive, multi-channel appointment reminder approach makes good economic sense.

#3: Can My Clients Choose How They Prefer to Receive Reminder Messages?

You may feel that sending email reminders or text messages could seem intrusive to some clients. Yet, others won’t respond to phone calls or voice mails. Also, you may have different demographic groups among your clientele, with older people preferring calls to landlines and younger individuals appreciating texts. How can you accommodate all these varied communications preferences without alienating any of your clients?

The good news is that your appointment reminder solution can let clients choose how they want to hear from you. Some may want to keep in touch across all channels, while others may only want contact through one method. Your appointment reminder technology can allow clients to specify their communications preferences and follow them.

#4: How Many Messages Can I Send Out in Advance of an Appointment?

Because manual appointment reminder practices are so labor-intensive, you may only be able to place one phone call the day before a visit or meeting. However, you can take a much more dynamic approach with automated appointment reminders.

Imagine that you are a salon or spa professional who schedules services at regular intervals with clients. Or you work at a medical practice and need to schedule a series of treatments or follow-up visits. Instead of writing down details on a stack of appointment reminder cards, you can put all upcoming appointments into your system and let the technology do the work.

Set up “Save the Date” reminders so that clients can put appointments on their calendars. Follow up with the week before, day before, and even day of reminders. Add other reminders as needed to create an approach that aligns with your business and client needs.

#5: Can I Set Up Reminder Messages for Different Client Groups?

Most businesses don’t cater to one homogenous set of clients. So you can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach for every client type. With appointment reminders, it’s easy to customize reminder messages to meet the needs of your varied client segments.

For example, a dental practice may have patients that only need regular preventative care. Or they could offer orthodontic services that require more frequent visits. The practice can set up a reminder sequence for patients who need less frequent visits and a distinct series for those who need more care.

#6: Can I Customize or Personalize Reminder Messages?

Another benefit of appointment reminder messages is that you can use them to reinforce your brand and build relationships with clients. Instead of sending generic messages that could have come from any business, you can start with templates and build custom communications. Inject your brand voice, personality, and colors to make a distinct impression on your clients and remind them why they choose to do business with you.

#7: Can Clients Confirm Appointments Directly From the Reminder Message?

Sending out reminders is great, but you won’t save much time if people need to call into your office to confirm they’ll attend. The good news is that your reminder solution can empower people to confirm appointments with one or a few clicks.

Better yet, those details will route directly to your team so that you’ll know patients have received your reminder and affirmed they’ll be present for their scheduled appointment. Fewer missed appointments and a lower no-show rate will follow.

#8: What Happens if Clients Need to Cancel or Reschedule an Appointment?

You can also give patients options to cancel or reschedule directly from the appointment reminder communications they receive. Include a link that they can click to cancel and another that leads them to your online scheduling portal. There’s no better way to keep your appointment schedule up to date and reduce inbound phone calls related to appointment changes.

#9: Do Appointment Updates Sync with My Scheduling System Automatically?

Your appointment reminder system shouldn’t be stand-alone technology that doesn’t integrate with your other mission-critical systems. Be sure to look for one that syncs directly with your scheduling software to ensure your calendar is always up-to-date. That way, you can feel confident that your schedule is correct and better prepare for every client interaction.

#10: Can I Use Reminders to Re-Engage Inactive Clients?

While keeping your daily calendar current is always valuable, you can gain even more benefits from your appointment reminder processes. Every business has clients who become inactive, but you can re-engage them through customized reminders.

Send communications to let people know that you’ve missed seeing them and value the relationship with them. If it makes sense for your business, offer them a promotion or discount to motivate them to make appointments. Include a direct link to your online scheduling portal to make it effortless for them to book time with you.

Revolutionize Your Business with Advanced Appointment Scheduling

If you or a team member spends significant time each day on appointment management, you could benefit from a technology solution to reduce this cumbersome administrative burden. As an added benefit, you can increase client satisfaction, reduce no-shows, and increase revenues.

Look for a solution that sends reminders across multiple channels — including phone, email, and text. You should also seek out solutions that offer fully customizable messages to tailor your outreach for specific client groups and reinforce your brand. Another valuable feature is the capability for clients to confirm, cancel, or reschedule directly from the appointment reminder with just a few clicks.

With the right features in place, you can send reminders to every client and ensure your schedule is always updated. You’ll be able to deliver higher levels of service to more people and help your business grow and thrive.

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