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Only $0.79 per delivered postcard. Postage included.

How often are postcards exported or sent out?

Postcards are printed twice a month: on the 1st and on the 16th.

How long does it take for the postcard to reach my client?

Postcards are delivered up to 10 business days after the export.

What if my client moves, and I don’t have their latest address?

If they do not receive your postcard, you will not be charged.

How many postcards are sent each month?

You have the option to customize your monthly export amount. The minimum amount is 100 postcards.

How much do postcards cost?

$0.79 per each delivered postcard. Postage included.

Why were less postcards sent out than my selected max?

If you do not have enough eligible recipients in your management system, we may send fewer than your monthly max.

How big are the postcards?

Our postcards are larger than average postcards at 8.5 x 5.5. (To get an estimate, fold an average 8.5 x 11 office paper in half.)

What type of businesses does Demandforce support for postcards?

Currently, we only have postcards available for dental practices, auto shops, optometry offices, and vet clinics. Keep a look out, as we are working on making postcards available for more businesses!

Can I add my own logo?

Yes, you have the option to add your personal logo.

Do I have to send postcards to everyone or can I just send them to clients without email addresses?

Yes, you are able to target your mailers to only offline customers.

Should I include a discount on my postcards?

It is always recommended to provide a clear call-to-action or reason for clients to come back into your business.

Can I add my own front image?

No, not currently but it is possible in the future.

How do I know the postcards are working?

Login to your Demandforce portal and click on the postcard tab to see the ROI on your postcards.

How are the results calculated?

We track the first visit of a client who has received a postcard in the 60 days prior to his/her visit as a result of the postcard.

How quickly can I start seeing results?

You can expect to start seeing results 3-4 weeks after postcards are printed.

What is the typical conversation rates?

These are the typical industry-standard rates (1-3% for lost customers, 5-15% for active customers and 10-15% for auto shop recommendations)

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Meet Eric at A+ Japanese Auto

"Clients would just show up and say, 'Hey I got this postcard, the special is on there - I would like to take advantage of it.'"

Eric Sevim, Co-owner

Meet LaFont Family Eye Care

"The process of creating postcards is very simple."

Cameron LaFont, Manager

Don't just take our word for it

"We are delighted to have switched to the Demandforce Postcards for our recalls! The very high quality, larger glossy cards are real 'attention getters.' Because they are personalized with the patient's name, promotion of our choice, and actual testimonials, our patients can really tell the difference between these and the 'generic' flimsy postcards that we were sending previously..."

- Robert Janot, OD, FAAO