Demandforce Syndication

Demandforce Syndication


Demandforce Syndication is more than just widgets and applications. We take your most important assets, your reputation, and publish it all across the Web so when people search online, they see the "you", you want them to see.

Demandforce Syndication is always evolving. It is robust, easy to track and always traceable. Learn more about our full suite of Demandforce Syndication services below.



Demandforce gives your business visibility to over 140 Million visitors per month on the following sites: Citysearch, Insiderpages, Judy's Books and more!

We put the Demandforce appointment scheduler and your most up-to-date business information on the most important sites on the Web, getting your business increased visibility automatically. Even better, anytime someone requests an appointment from Intuit Local, we will track it so you know exactly where your new business is coming from. Best of all, there is no extra charge.

Is your business using Facebook to get new appointments and generate revenue? If not, it can and should be!

Demandforce Syndication for Facebook is a set of easy-to-install applications that posts your certified reviews, allows people to schedule from your Facebook page, and tracks special Facebook specific offers all automatically and all from one place – your Demandforce portal.

Install the applications on your own, or let us help you for a small fee. Choose the option below that works best for your business and start generating revenue for your business using Facebook.

Google and Bing are the top two search engines that you and your clients probably use. In 2013, over 40% of searches were for local results.

Our goal is to make it easy to keep your information up-to-date on Google+ Local and Bing so your business can be found online.

How does it work?

Once your clients update their information in Demandforce, we send data to Google and Bing. Next, Demandforce provides a simple way for your clients to write reviews directly from the automated ‘thank you’ messages sent after a visit to your business. We then automatically take those reviews and send them to Google and Bing, and you don’t have to do a thing.

Now, when a consumer searches for your business, they can trust that the information displayed is accurate, up-to-date, and from actual clients, not a competitor or disgruntled employee.

Best of all, we do all of this automatically for you - and it’s all included in your subscription!

Demandforce for Websites are a set of easy to install applications that integrate your reviews and appointment scheduler right onto your website. Best of all, we track any request that comes in so you know exactly what is working all from within your Demandforce portal.

And even better - it is included in your Demandforce subscription, so you’ll never be charged extra. Simple, easy, convenient and traceable.

If you are a current Demandforce subscriber, login to your portal and download instructions to get started.

Demandforce for your website

Demandforce for Websites lets you integrate Demandforce Certified Reviews and Demandforce Easy Scheduler right into your website. Easy to install applications give you the ability to make your website actionable. Get started today.

Examples below of how current clients are using Demandforce for websites:

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Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications software that automatically syncs with your management system and creates effortless marketing bliss. Set it up within minutes and watch the results come in.