Custom Reminders

Sometimes customers need a gentle nudge to come back


It costs less to bring an existing client back than to acquire a new one, so we make it easy to reach out to those who haven't visited in a while. We help get them back in the door by automatically sending reminder messages based on individual clients' needs or past-due services.


Personalized Recall

Personalized Recall

Reach the right clients at the right time with personalized recall messages:


    • Customize the frequency of your continuing care messages for each client
    • Automatically update the email frequency with management system updates*
    • Bring clients back with tailored communications

*In Dental, automatic updates are made with: Dentrix, EagleSoft & more to come!


Past Due Reminders

Use past due reminders to:


  • Automatically bring clients back every few months
  • Offer a timely incentive to drive lost client appointments
  • Reduce no shows and eliminate lost revenue due to clients busy schedules
  • Segment clients by active and lost to offer intelligent incentives and drive appointments
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