Automated Communication

Communicate more effectively with your clients


Demandforce helps you free up valuable time and resources by automatically delivering appointment reminders and confirmations using phone, email and two-way text messaging. At setup, you determine when and how clients should receive the messages, and we do the rest – it’s that easy. 


Confirmations and Reminders


We make it easy to reach your clients with our customizable messaging system of automated reminders and confirmations.



Automated phone confirmations

Automated Phone Confirmations


What about your clients who you can't reach by email or text message? Now you can reach 100% of your client base with free, automated phone reminders so you can drive more revenue and reduce no shows.

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Two-way text messaging

Two-way Text Messaging

Only Demandforce uses a system that allows your clients to respond to reminders this easily. By responding “C” for “confirm”, your clients can let you know they won’t miss their appointment.


Email messaging done right

Email Messaging Done Right


Always send your clients the right message, at the right time. Whether it’s getting your clients to confirm their appointment or sending them a friendly reminder, you are providing them with a convenient, non-invasive message that gets them into your office and decreases no shows. Plus, our family messaging allows your clients to confirm appointments for their whole household with a single click!


Recall, Newsletters and Promotions


It costs less to bring back an existing client than to acquire a new one. Bring back more of your clients who are past due with continue care messages, send them targeted offers or engage them with our pre-written educational content.


Recurring Campaigns

Email Campaigns Made Automatic

Put your customized marketing on autopilot! Send emails to the clients you want, when you want; whether it’s every week, every month or even every year!

  • Automatically bring clients back every few months
  • Offer a timely incentive to back lost clients
  • Focus email campaigns around active and lost clients
  • Set it up once to run as often as you choose



Demandforce Postcards

Maybe you have clients who prefer to receive postcard reminders, maybe you just don’t have their email or phone number to contact or maybe you just want to send them a holiday or birthday greeting. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about Demandforce Postcards.



Stay Connected with iPhone and Android Users


Demandforce works with Passbook and Google Now for clients who receive appointment confirmation emails on their smartphones. Now your clients can access appointment information and receive messages without having to search their email or look on the Web.


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Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications software that automatically syncs with your management system and creates effortless marketing bliss. Set it up within minutes and watch the results come in.