Appointment Confirmations

Reach clients automatically with email and two-way text messages

Demandforce helps you free up valuable time and resources by automatically delivering appointment reminders and confirmations using email and two-way text messaging. At setup, you determine when and how clients should receive the messages, and we do the rest – it’s that easy.


Demandforce provides a customizable system of automated reminders, confirmations, and text messaging prompts that reduces no shows up to 40%. If clients don’t respond to our automated email and text message reminders, you can fill that spot with another customer and keep from losing revenue.


Best of all, our appointment confirmation system connects seamlessly with the Demandforce online scheduler, so clients can respond with a single click at any time, day or night.




One family, one email


Family messaging allows your clients to confirm appointments for their whole household with a single click! Delight clients and decrease no shows.





Two-way text messaging


Only Demandforce uses a client-pending system that allows your clients to respond to reminders so easily. By responding “C” for “confirm”, your clients can tell you they are planning to keep their appointment.


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Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications software that automatically syncs with your management system and creates effortless marketing bliss. Set it up within minutes and watch the results come in.