Behind every great business is great technology


Keeping up with all of the changes in technology and online services is hard, but you need to communicate and market like the big boys or your business won't survive. Demandforce is here to help.


We take an award winning communication portfolio, with easy to use online reputation tools and our broad consumer network, to become the marketing team your business needs.


Time saved is money earned

With automated marketing and communications, you won't waste time managing your clients. instead, you'll make more money as you attract new business from across the web.


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Spread the good word

Online reviews are vital for your business, and Demandforce collects verified feedback from your clients and promotes it across the web. Make your company a local household name.


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Be discovered on a local level

Demandforce highlights local businesses we work with to millions of consumers each month. We’ll promote you as a local, Demandforce merchant to potential clients.


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