95.4% would refer friends and family to us

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Attentive and thorough, helpful information

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The care my pet receives at WRAH is excellent. I believe they are truly concerned about her well being. I find the pricing to be high compared to other providers.

3 stars Customer since 2008

This definitely is a mixed review. We love WRAH and really appreciate Regina and the staff from the blood donation center. However, it feels like so many things have changed at WRAH since we started coming to you in 2006. The environment is so much more corporate. We used to get calls after one of the dogs had visited inquiring about how they were feeling, basic follow up. When Diamond was sick we really didn't get that this last time. Dr. Ginn did follow up once and that was very much appreciated. After the initial ER visit though, no one contacted us at all. That seems to be a really large change.

4 stars Customer since 2014

There are very few options for emergencies and weekend appointments in the Highlands area. I brought my cat to WRAH emergency for a bad leg injury. The staff and doctors were very kind, helpful and did a good job. There was some confusion on subsequent emergency and non-emergency visits. I've switched to WRAH as my full-time vet which I expect will help clear things up.

4 stars Customer since 2011

Timely Service, Thorough, and Helpful. They treated my pets as if they were their own pets. They were also compassionate and empathetic when my other cat was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer.

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Amazing service and care. Would not take my Gracie anywhere else.

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Great staff and service for all my pets needs

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Thank You for providing great care for our special dog, glad we could find something to help her in her older years, of health issues. Pet meds can be bought at Target or Cosco now, Thanks for sending her RX refill, as we are on a Budget.

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I brought my 16 year old dog in for treatment of a gash in his forehead. The vet who saw him immediately insisted on $500 worth of X-rays and a $300 blood test, neither of which provided any useful new information for treatment of his head wound and, IMO, put my dog through unnecessary stress. I was upset and worried about my dog, so I guess I would have agreed to anything at that point - and I think the vet knew that. Once the head wound was treated, the vet again became very insistent on even more tests and procedures, wanted to admit him for "observation", more tests, etc, etc. He kept describing all kinds of horrible things that could be wrong with my dog - brain damage, spinal cord injury, severe anemia, failing kidneys, cancer, GI bleeding, and I don't remember what else. Thank goodness I was leaving town the next day and had had enough time during the wound treatment to think things through, at least a little bit. I declined any further tests or procedures, mostly because of a reluctance to put my dog through all of that at his age, and also a belief that the vet was probably using scare tactics in an attempt to pad the bill. Having owned multiple dogs for almost 40 years helped me to realize that I was dealing with either an incompetent or an inexperienced vet, or else he was the modern equivalent of a snake-oil salesman. Perhaps all three. Even with that, the vet had upset and worried me enough that it took a couple of days to calm down and realize that my dog was just as healthy then as he had been just before he bumped his head. I was traveling through Denver when this incident occurred. Once I got home, I took my dog to my regular vet. He confirmed that my dog was doing pretty well for a 16 year old dog. He had not received a copy of those x-rays. He found nothing alarming in the blood test. Nor did he find anything in his examination of my dog to cause immediate concern. So all that worry and upset was for nothing. As were the x-rays and that blood test. I have had occasion to visit several emergency animal hospitals over the years. They have saved my dogs lives on more than one occasion and for the most part, I have found the staff members to be dedicated and caring people. Perhaps most of the staff at Wheat Ridge is also caring, competent, and dedicated. I have only had that one nightmare visit in which to form my opinion - but based on that - my advice would be to try to find some other place to take your dog in an emergency. Ruth Ann Stewart, Cincinnati, OH

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Very good care, however very expensive and if you don't have the money (I am talking thousands of dollars), your choices are very limited in helping your pet.