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Mauro is the best !

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On January 13, 2015 I had a 3 hour appointment with Eva the hair extension person.

My appointment was from 10:30am to 1:30pm.

I arrived for my appointment on time. I LEFT a eye doctor's office, as she was examining my eyes for new glasses, because I accidentally stepped on them. I left the doctor to be on time for EVa since she was booked solid the entire day.

I arrived at my appointment on time and EVA kept me waiting one hour while she tended to another womans head of hair. I watched Eva charm laugh giggle and tend to this womans hair, all the while, my time was being wasted sitting in a gown waiting to be serviced by EVA the Extension Queen of the world.

Eva's ASSISTANT started applying the gel to put on my extension to have them removed. Eva's ASSISTANT was nice, but brand new and had no idea what she was doing. So Eva inspected her work and had to tell her to re-apply the gel, as she did not use enough on each extension.

Eva kept me waiting an entire hour while I could have picked out a pair of glasses and then arrived at Vasken Salon. WHY DIDNT THE STAFF CALL ME TO TELL ME THAT EVA WAS RUNNING LATE BY ONE HOUR?



the front desk told me that extensions cost $120 for a head of extensions. When Eva told me she charges $16.00 per extension - to put it in your head, I said - no the front desk told me it was $120. She said - they told you wrong.

It is $120 to have the extensions REMOVED plus more money for the wash the blow dry.

I had a 15% coupon to use at Vaskens, and I had emailed Vasken to ask him if they used So.Cap. extensions, he said yes we do and your 15% coupon is valid.

The time did not allow for Eva to put in any extensions in my hair as she ran late getting to my head of hair because she was working on another client.

I wish to have my 15% deducted from the $180.00 that I had to spend at Vasken Demirjian Salon for hair extension removal and wash and blow dry. Eva inspected my hair while blow drying it and told me to have a Kerastase hair conditioning treatment before putting extensions in my hair. She told me that my hair was damaged.

I am in the salon/spa business and wished to purchase the product and condition my own hair. Eva insisted that I have a conditioning treatment.

It was now 1:30pm.

At this point - I left. I paid the front desk and left.

I wish to receive the 15% off of services on January 13, 2015 if you please.

You really need to tell the front desk the price of Eva's services and not play games.

I was deceived or involved in a bait and switch game.

I do not need a conditioning treatment at Vaskens, I can purchase Kerastase at the

salon/spa that I work at in New York City. I can condition my own hair.

I do not need to be upsold so that Eva has more money in her pocket at my expense.

She kept me waiting for one hour. That is incredulously egregiously callously rude. I left a doctors appointment to make my appointment with Eva on time.

The LEAST she can do is show me the same respect and start my appointment on time.

I wish to have the 15% coupon that I brought with me honored and receive my discount against the $180.00 that I spend at Vaskens' on January 13, 2015.

Thank you very much

Suzette Sampierre

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Outstanding quality. Vasken's place is a treat for the senses with a delightful staff, but the real reason to book an appointment is the quality of the cuts and treatments. I have been seeing Eva for more than a decade and cannot speak highly enough of her skills and judgment. She provides an ideal mix of advice and responsiveness.

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Excellent !

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Aysen is a master of his trade. I am completely impressed by his skillfulness. I can't wait to make another salon appointment.

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Today I had my first haircut appointment with Mauro and can't say enough great things about him. To simply put it, the man is exceptionally talented. My (bottle) blond hair had been damaged with highlighting too often (another salon) and flat ironing. By the time I realized I had serious breakage, the damage was already done. Imagine how awful I felt when several people commented on my new shorter cut when in actuality I didn't get a haircut. I went from mid-back length to suddenly short, thin, choppy layers and was very upset. My hair is in much better condition now that I've been taking better care of it, however, the growing out process of odd placed layers has been hell. After months of reading many great reviews about the Vasken Salon and Mauro, I finally made an appointment and I'm so grateful that I did. Mauro truly is talented, in addition to being personable and easy going.

I left the salon today looking and feeling fabulous with my new haircut. It's amazing what a difference a great cut can make.

Thank you Mauro, my hair has never looked better.

~ Joanne F.

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The best, as always, Vasken and Eva!

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I had an appointment with Eva to put extensions in my hair. I was bringing my own extensions to the salon for Eva to put in my hair.

My appointment was at 10:30. I had to wait until 11:15 and then at 11:15 her assistant started looking at my hair. Her assistant is new, but very nice. Eva did not touch my hair until about 11:3oam. I waited one entire hour before Eva could get to my head of hair.

I was at a eye doctor to have new glasses as I stepped on them and need new glasses. The doctor examined my eyes and I was about to order the new contact lenses and the decide upon a pair of glasses, when I realized that I had to go to my hair appointment. Originally, I had called Vaskens the day before, to see if Eva's appointment could be scheduled to a later time, hopefully by one half hour. They told me she was booked solid.

I left the doctor's office to go to Eva's appointment ON TIME at 10:30. I left the doctors office to get to Eva on time to respect her time and I was kept waiting one hour. I need glasses, as I stepped on mine and I need new glasses. I have to go BACK to the eye doctor for the remainder of my exam to get the eye glasses. I LEFT the eye doctor to get to the hair stylist on time, and I was kept waiting ONE HOUR. That is just ridiculous.

Not only that, the front desk quoted me $120 to have extensions put in my hair, and Eva told me the price was $120 to have the extensions taken OUT of my hair. Plus a wash and blow dry for her to examine my hair and INSIST that I needed a deep conditioning by a product called Kerastase "ciment anti-usure"

I told Eva I did not want the conditioner in my hair, she told me I needed it that my hair was damaged and needed repair. At this point, it was 1:30 and my 3 hour appointment, that was only a 2 hour appointment because Eva had a client ahead of me, therefore, Eva was working on someone else's head when i arrived on time for my appointment, was over.

Eva had someone at 1:30 so I had to leave. She instructed me to trade my extensions for different colors, as I had brought my own extensions to the salon, so I had to go back to the place and switch the extensions for the colors that Eva wanted me to get

AND I had to go from Westchester to NYC to purchase the conditioner that Eva insisted I needed on my hair.

My entire day was wasted on either waiting for Eva to get to my head of hair, or running around like a crazy person changing the color of my extensions, and driving into NYC

to go to the spa that I work in - in NYC to purchase this Kerastase product.

I left my home at 8:45 for my 9am appointment with my eye doctor. I left the eye doctor at 10am to get to the hair appointment with Eva to respect her time. And I had to wait an entire hour before Eva got to my head of hair, not only that, she had me exchange the extensions I brought for different colors, and I had to have my hair conditioned by some Kerastase conditioner, which she INSISTED that I needed, even though I did not want it.

I am never going to Vaskens salon again.



The only reason I went to the salon was because they sent me a coupon for 15% off of service - only to find out - Eva's services are not part of that coupon

I had emailed Vasken myself to ask him about hair extensions and he said that Eva was the woman who did the extensions at his salon. He was the one who sent me the 15% discounted coupon.

My entire experience at that salon on Tuesday was a nightmare, and my entire day consisted of running around like a mad woman on the orders of Eva the hair extension person at Vasken's salon.

AND I will NEVER go to that salon again. It's horrible experience.

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Best styling ever on my hair - simple though it is - and on extreme short notice, too. Thanks to Lisa for making me look professional again. Always a terrific experience. Nina

5 stars Customer since 2013

Mauro has such positive energy that it is a pleasure every time I see him. He does fabulous work, and really listens to what I want - but he also has great ideas about how to make me look my best!