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I had a cut and color done by Noelle Lipscomb and I have to say "I LOVE IT". The color is almost spot on to the picture that I brought her and the cut lays great! Thanks to Noelle for always doing a great job!

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I have had back-to-back horrible experiences at Tuscan Sun Spa in the past few months. Why go back after the first one? Because I had a gift card and didn't want to waste it. I will not go back again. The idea of Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon is nice, but the reality is not so much. The long list of services and flashy advertising, commercials, and all the latest treatments make you believe that this spa is the place to be! Trust me, it isn't. It's very basic, you're treated like a spoke on a wheel and nothing more. In and out and goodbye have a great life. Maybe Tuscan's ego is too big for it's britches? I don't know, but I'm over it and I'll explain why.

First I'll tell you about the Brazilian Wax from hell. This was described as a 45 minute procedure starting at $70.00. I asked what "starting at," meant as far as price and Megan said that if the treatment went over the 45 minute session it would be a little more expensive. I said OK and went for it. I was back there for a total of 40 minutes (under the 45 minute quote which was the ONLY good thing about it) - but was still charged $90.00 instead of $70.00. This isn't the first time Tuscan has inflated their prices at will. I had been charged $25.00 instead of $20.00 previously for eye brow waxes... not all the time, but whenever they felt they could stick me for more. Anyway - back to the Brazilian from hell. Neena was very rough with the wax job, she seemed to go way too slow, causing the pain to last and linger. Also, they must use the cheapest possible wax on the planet because it was so irritating to the skin. It was the worst 40 minutes of my life. Thankfully, a dear friend shared a reference for a wax guru in Morgantown. Not only was she PHENOMENAL, but she only took 10 minutes, did a FAR superior job to Tuscan, and only cost $50.00!!!! 10 minutes vs. 40 minutes of torture.... um, yeah! I recommend every lady stay far way from Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon for serious treatments such as a Brazilian wax. Go to Infinity in Morgantown! Trust me!!!

2nd disappointment was just yesterday. I was feeling kinda sore and achy and being 9 months pregnant, really craved a mother-to-be massage. I was able to quickly book the 55 minute treatment at Tuscan, and like I said - I had a gift card to burn anyway... plus - who screws up a massage, right? WRONG!

What I think is SO rude is that the 55 minute massage was only 42 minutes. Did the masseuse think I couldn't tell time by the digital clock that was in the massage room? I voiced this to Megan as I was checking out (yes, again - Megan) and she just gave me a perplexed look as she handed me my receipt. That's it... nothing else. I also pointed out that there was ZERO difference between a Mother-to-be massage and a regular Swedish massage which is only $78.00 (another Tuscan-sticks-it-to-you pricing method). Again, no comment from Megan.

When you seek out a spa, you're looking to be pampered, taken-care-of, and really treated well. Tuscan Sun Spa and Salon is not that place. Maybe my expectations are too high? But I feel that dishonesty, pricing games, and shabby corner-cutting treatments are super duper lame and I deserve to be treated better, so do you! I don't care how many thousands of dollars they spend on commercials and fancy new equipment, I'd rather go anywhere else. Spa-goer beware.

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My personal experience was very good, however I was very disappointed in the product. I had a mani pedi on Friday, on toe was smudged by Friday evening even though they had over 2 hours of drying and my nails were coming off on Saturday. I did no activities that would have caused this. My nails normally last 2 weeks and toes longer.

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Wonderfully relaxing as usual! Edie's the best!

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Great place to get pampered ☺️

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I was very pleased and satisfied with the assistance given during my purchase.

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My technician was wonderful.

She took her time and did an excellent job.

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Great haircut, pleasant staff.

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I will have 'Kenny' do my massage's every time I come over for one...he was excellent...

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I got my first massage ever from Elle and it was a wonderful experience! I will definitely be coming back to see her again. I also got a pedicure from Buffy as did my mom and sister for a birthday present for me. They were able to seat the 3 of us beside each other and schedule the pedicures immediately following our massages. It was a great way to celebrate my birthday and the appointments were perfectly timed which is rather difficult between my work schedule and my sister's. Professional, accommodating and very enjoyable! It was my mom's first time at Tuscan and it was a wonderful experience! The three of us will definitely be repeat customers! Thank you for a great birthday!

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