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3 stars Customer since 2008

There is no doubt about Dr. Robin and Dr. Perez's great expertise. The customer service has to be reviewed thoroughly since it is really low and gets frustrating when you can not get people to return calls or find answers to legitimate questions. Different ways to make a payment has to be put in place to make paying any bill a little bit easier especially when you are calling to make a bill and can't get through to anyone. I believe these issues are not hard to solve and I hope they are looked into and taken care of.

5 stars Verified customer

The staff as well as Dr. Robin are amazing! The diagnosis and treatment of our fertility issues were explained straight forward and we knew what had to happen in order for us to conceive. I would highly recommend the center for anyone who is having fertility issues.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I am at the New Hope Center on a regular basis. Every time, not most of the time or sometimes, Every time I'm there I feel like we are actually moving forward. Everyone there is genuinely happy to work with you and your family to help your family Grow! I can't say enough!

1 stars Verified customer

Any doctor that has to advertise as much at these folks do to get business should be a red flag.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I love the New Hope Center! My experience has been awesome so far!

5 stars Customer since 2014

I love the staff and nurses .. Dr perezs is a wonder doctor and is very nice .. I couldn't had ask for a better place but here

5 stars Customer since 2015

They're working on getting me pregnant and the process has been going pretty smooth. Everyone is nice and courteous and my doctor has a lot of enthusiasm. That really makes me feel comfortable.

5 stars Verified customer

Truly caring and attentive staff. I wouldn't wanot to go anywhere else.

5 stars Customer since 2015

I gained all the information I came looking for. And will be using the services that they provide. It's a pretty nice place, and very helpful for those seeking parenthood.

2 stars Customer since 2014

I'd like to start with the positives. Kat (the NP), Gina (Kat's nurse/assistant), and Tanesha (secretary/receptionist) are wonderful at providing quality customer service. They are friendly, compassionate, and professional. They help make what could be a stressful and emotional process more enjoyably and comfortable.

Unfortunately we've had more concerns with the level of care that we've received thus far from New Hope than we'd like. There is only one other infertility clinic in the area now that Dr Flood has retired and we feel a bit stuck since all of our care (including the testing and storing of sperm) has been done here.

Phone calls have not been returned in a timely manner, especially when timing is of the utmost importance regarding fertility. When we do get someone on the phone, sometimes after repeated phone calls from us, the person on the other end acts as if they are put out by having a conversation with us. While I'm sure they've been asked the same questions countless times, I assure you that this is the first time WE are going through this process and expect that not only us, but all customers/patients, would be treated with respect when asking for guidance regarding the specialty care you provide.

When dealing with the financial side of trying to conceive most procedures are not covered by insurance. We have not once been offered an itemized account of our visit unless we've explicitly asked for one, even then it was like pulling teeth to get it. I feel it safe to say that most people are aware that this process is not inexpensive and a clear representation of expected costs and current account standing is beneficial for the planing aspect. Simply put, knowing where the money is going would be helpful.

Also, an as accurate assessment of lengths of stay when making appointments could ease some of the frustrations. We were recently given an estimate of a 20 minute office visit for this last ultrasound. Knowing that we have never spent less than an hour or more for any visit we knew better than to plan for less, luckily we did just that as we were there for a little over an hour.

Lastly, we have chosen IUI with Femera. A process that we have never been through before, and I'd imagine many other customers/patients as well. A detailed explanation and timeline of events would help ease the feeling of being blindsided by new aspects of the process. For example the 2-5 ultrasounds we were unaware of until we started the first cycle and were expected to schedule the ultrasound for the next day. We understand that everyone is a little different, but it seems as though there is a specific set of processes and procedures that occur for every patient. Forgetting to mention key aspects induces unnecessary stressors.

Help us know that we made the right choice in choosing New Hope. Your reputation in providing quality reproductive care with a great success rate is why you were recommended to us by previous patients, friends and even a personal doctor in the field of obstetrics.