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Another wonderful haircut by Chelsy! I'm not sure why I've even tried other stylists, she is simply amazing and what she does and gives me exactly what I want. I never leave unhappy; thanks Chelsy!!

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I looked at prices on the website and went in for a service thinking it was going to be $70 maximum and ended up paying $170. That was quite a shock and ruined the appointment for me. I had an appointment at another salon that day and was going to pay $50 for the same service, but my hairdresser called in sick. Other than that the service was fine

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I always have a great experience at The Head Shoppe. Jill is amazing and does a great job. It helps that she is easy to talk to and is always making sure I am comfortable.

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Martha is the best! We have a great relationship. She always knows exactly what I want, even when I'm not sure myself.

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Went in for a hair cut the girl was good. scalp massage is one of the nice part of the service

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So glad you're open to feedback. I'm in the service industry and teach customer service courses. I want to comment on a couple of things I've observed.

The front end staff - fake, phoney, nice 'cause they have to; not because they want to. There's an air of attitude - aloof. The front end should be relatable to their clientele. Not uppity snobs. They're glorified cashiers for gods sake. It's as easy as ' a genuine smile when I approach them, look me in the eye, listen to what I say, react accordingly.' Send in an anonymous mystery shopper to sit on the couch and observe. Bet you'll get the same feedback.

Coupons- I keep getting them but when I bring them out they tell me I can't use them, at least not at their store. So that's kinds of pointless, isn't it? Send me coupons to encourage me to go to another location? So much for repeat business.

I didn't have the friendliest aesthetician. Would it kill her to smile? Perhaps it's an idea for her to establish - is this a spa, quiet customer or an outing, talk with me customer? I don't remember any soothing music playing. That's always a nice touch. I think that was missing.

Did I get what I want? Yup.

Will I be back? Not sure.

There are other options.

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fantastic service as always

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Excellent as always

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Jillian is amazing ! She always does a super job, Very professional. I've seen a few others and there is no comparison.

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I find the staff at reception welcoming. Martha has been my stylist for many years and that speaks for itself! :-D