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I will grant that the people who work in the office are very friendly.

Too bad the dentist doesn't know her stuff. I went there for a teeth cleaning days ago and my mouth still hurts. During the cleaning she said she noticed a growth on my tongue and said I ought to see the oral surgeon in her building to get it looked at to make sure it's not cancerous. Lah-deh-dah and she kept on cleaning. She didn't stop to explain what it was and I sat there for the rest of the cleaning terrified.

Then she talked about all the work I would need and how much it would cost, but all I could think about was this growth in my mouth. Who cars about mouth guards and questionable fillings when they've got potential cancer or something in their mouth!

I didn't go to the surgeon she recommended because he didn't take my insurance.  Instead, I went to my doctor. What she said is it looks like a blister from biting my tongue while I sleep. What? How would a dentist who recommended a night guard for grinding not hypothesize that the mark on my tongue next to my most filled down teeth was from biting it? 

A mistake like that makes me too scared to go back.

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I really liked it . The service was great but one of the things I really look for is customer service. They were great with that. Very nice and friendly. That always helps a dentist visit feel less intimidating.

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Staff is super friendly and organized. Best Hygenist and cleaning I ever had and he was so sweet! Dr. Arejian was AWESOME. She explained everything so well and provided a thorough exam along with pictures of teeth from all angles in addition to x-rays! I'm definitely coming back :)

5 stars Customer since 2014

I Really love this place. It was a Groupon so I was already skeptical. PLUS my appointment was at 8 am on a Saturday, DOWNTOWN. But it was worth it. All their equipment is new and they spent lots of time on my teeth and didn't try to sell me anything. Everyone was happy ( even though it was early Saturday morning) and inviting and offices were very clean. Which should go without saying, I know, but I have been to some weird doctors/dentist. Also parking wasn't too bad, especially that early. Meters are everywhere and they are cheap. Just read signs of course. I will def be coming back!

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Thank you for your swift and proactive approach to relieving my pain.

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I went to an appointment at Silva A. Arejian DDS on January 10, 2013.

My experience is always pleasant. I am treated with respect and understanding. I am going to continue my dental care at Silva A. Arejian DDS. Because of the professional level of care.

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Great Service. Relaxing atmoshphere generating from the staff.

5 stars Customer since 2011

Great denist, great dental hygienist, and great staff

5 stars Customer since 2011

I had a very good crown replacement session with Dr. Arejian. She is so comforting and you just get the feeling she really knows what she's doing which provides me with the utmost confidence in her. I am very proud to call her my dentist.

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I have always been made comfortable and relaxed during my cleanings and X-rays. The staff is superb and very professional and kind.