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The tooth that was "fixed" hurts worse now than it ever has and I paid over $200 out of pocket for something that I am going to have to go somewhere else to get fixed. The office staff was very nice and made me feel comfortable and at ease. The dentist however did not do so well. I had a filling that broke off and she explained to me that it needed to be replaced and she replaced it but didn't ask me how it felt and literally ran out of the room when the procedure was through. Thought usually the dentist should at least ask if it feels better.

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I think you did a great job seeing I had not seen a Dentist in years,You made me comfortable in a nervous situation! Thanks for your kindness.

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Thank you for choosing Heavenly Dental Associates!! We appreciate your business!!!

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Staff is nice & mostly professional. Location is good, office appears clean.

We waited for 2 1/2 hours, way too long for anyone with children, but once they actually started service, it went pretty quickly.

No one answered the after hours "hotline" when we called twice the evening after the appointment as my daughter was in a lot of pain. Written instructions were not given. No one called back from the two voicemails that were left on the after hours hotline & it is now after 1 pm the following business day when the office has reopened.

No pain meds were suggested if the children's Tylenol did not work, which it didn't.

We did follow the few verbal directions we were given at the office but still had issues that could have been resolved if someone had answered the after hours number or returned the call. Luckily we found an answer from a friend who works for another dental office when we posted on FB needing help bc nobody at Heavenly Dental returned our call.

Not good business, not good patient care.

Ok place to go for a cleaning but for any other services we'll consider seeing another dentist.

4 stars Customer since 2014

From start to finish was great. Nice friendly professional staff who made me feel comfortable. I will be recommending my friends and family there.

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Thank you for choosing Heavenly Dental Associates we appreciate your business!!

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From beginning to end I was taken care of.Wonderful experience, the Hygienist had a very pleasant demeanor.

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This was a horrible experience. Refused to see me for a simple cleaning appointment simply because I didn't want x-rays while I am 7 months pregnant. Front desk and staff were rude and office was unclean. They had two lamps in the lobby that were broken and the office just looked unkept and dirty--not somewhere I want to be while you're looking into my mouth.

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The only problem i had was with the new latin lady. she really needs some assistance when doing x-rays. although she needed training she was very nice and gentle and she didn't give up. I'm sure the great staff you all have will whip her into shape. Also, I really like the young black women dentists. they are a breath of fresh air. The receptionist could be a lil more friendly. People are usually scared of dentist and a receptionist that doesn't smile isn't going to help ease fears. That lady ignored me or didn't hear me when i was saying excuse me. I had to say it 3 times before she finally acknowleged me.

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All three of the people that worked with me were pleasant. I am concerned about infection control though, The assistant and the dentist washed their hands before they put on their gloves, the hygienist did not. Gloves are good but if you are touching the equipment and putting your hands in my mouth it makes me feel some kind of way. That is not good infection control. I did not seen any sign that the sprayer and other equipment on the tray had been sanitized. I am skeptical about returning.

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Great care by great dentist. I felt like I was at a spa.

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Thank you for choosing Heavenly Dental Associates!