98.5% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2012

a trusted shop if there was ever one to be found. Always great service and reasonable prices. I love Simon's. Unfortunately for them, I have an 80,000 extended warranty from the dealer that was thrown in for very little money, so I can only use Simon's for those few ware and tear items that a warranty won't cover.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Wonderful as always! Not only do they do the work well and efficiently, but everybody is a good person.

4 stars Customer since 2016


5 stars Customer since 2010

Simon's is the best!

5 stars Verified customer

They did a thorough inspection of my car and gave me options for repairs. Ended up paying much less than I expected and car runs great!

5 stars Customer since 2013

I have been a customer at Simon's for a couple of hears, and have always been happy with the service. The repairs needed are always explained to me, options are discussed, and I am consulted whenever an unexpected issue arises. There have never been any surprises on my final bill. Customer service is always courteous and prompt. Great job!

5 stars Customer since 2010

Great. Wonderful owner, staff, and services. Fairways honest pricing as well.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Finding Simon's has been a nothing short of a blessing. I am a new car owner, a slight alarmist, and too busy to deal with runaround/being ripped off. When it first became cold in Cleveland, my tire pressure lights came on. I figured it wasn't too serious but was recommended by a co-worker to swing by Simon's since I don't have the tools to check the pressure. Simon himself checked all of my tires and added air. We made small talk and I felt very welcomed.

Flash forward one month during a horrible rain storm. I completely lose power steering on my car and am panicked. Simon comes to the rescue. Basically, my serpentine belt broke but on closer inspection the Idler Pulley also needed to be replaced. Jack called me to give me updates along the process. They made it easy for me to understand and included explanations on what each part controlled. I learned more about my car and how to take better care of it and how to better pay attention for signs of trouble. I never felt ripped off or spoken down to. Additionally, when I price compared (after the fact) - Simon's was the best. Further, I mentioned earlier that I am a new car owner, I inherited the family car so my dad insisted on speaking with someone at the shop. Jack took the time to take a call from my father, reassure him, and made a positive impression on a man who is usually not impressed.

A few weeks ago, Simon's automatically sent me an e-mail reminding me I needed an oil change, even though I have never used them for that. I was super appreciative of the reminder. I set my appointment for Saturday at 10am-1pm on and when they realized I was going to wait for my car, the turn around was less than 45 minutes. I cannot say enough how much I appreciate people maximizing my time. Additionally, they gave me advice on what needs to be checked in the car the next time I get an oil check.

Again, I cannot sing enough praises about Simon's. People are surprised when I share my experiences and I'm lucky I found them!

5 stars Customer since 2011

Simon and his crew are honest and skilled, and a pleasure to work with.

5 stars Customer since 2012

I have a 2005 VW Touareg 4.2L that they did a great job replacing the starter which consisted of taking out the engine. While taking out the engine they sent me photos during the process. That was great. I have never had a repair shop send me photos to keep me updated. Replaced the battery which is under the front driver seat. They are in the process of replacing the Intake Manifold Linkage Arms.