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5 stars Verified customer

My wife, Natalie, and I consulted with Lisa Axelrad about changes to improve our diet. She helped us to understand which foods will help us feel better and enjoy our meals more. Lisa gave us a plan to follow and some beginning recipes to begin our journey to increased energy and feeling good. Since using her recipes and adjusting to the plan, we have starting losing weight and doing more than just being couch potatoes. We have begun doing more outdoor activities like walking and being SoCal tourists.

5 stars Verified customer

When the doctor noticed my 3 1/2 year old was walking with a strong pronation, she recommended that we go to a physical therapist. We were so happy with Physical therapy solutions. They gave us some great ideas, exercises, and tips to help our little guy walk properly and gave strength. We are so happy to have met Dr. Flores and her team. She has an amazing way with kids and made coming to PTS so fun for my little guy. From the moment you walk in the door to the moment you leave, you really feel welcomed and part of their family. Thanks so much for all you do to help little ones gain strength.

5 stars Verified customer

Very caring, kind and compassionate staff. Extremely efficient and comfortable setting. I do feel I'm getting good care here!

5 stars Customer since 2013

My son injured himself playing football. He had surgery for a torn ACL. He loved the staff the doctors . We highly recommend physical therapy they are the best.

5 stars Customer since 2013

I'm really happy with my experience at Physical Therapy Solutions. I've been going for 7 months to rehab a ruptured pectoral that required surgical reattachment.

The atmosphere is very fun and productive and everyone I worked with was great.

We had a lot to do when I arrived, and the process could've easily become daunting with another PT team but it actually turned out to be fun- I credit the positive, productive people at PTS for helping me through it.

For the first few months I worked primarily with Dr. Hussein, Brady and sometimes Daniel. All three were totally knowledgable, helpful, and awesome to work with. I recommend them all 100 percent - Dr Hussein even consulted with my surgeon to design a personalized program. I enjoyed going to the sessions and that made the process so much easier.

After the course of PT I signed up with Lisa for personal training. I give Lisa a full recommendation too - I think anyone recovering from an injury would benefit greatly from following up their PT by training with Lisa - she is very knowledgable and the training has been so helpful. I learned a lot of new exercise and nutrition info and really enjoyed going. In fact I'm considering taking more of Lisa's training courses.

I recommend PTS for physical therapy, massage and personal training and would go back there again for sure.

5 stars Verified customer

Professional. This is the first word that comes to my mind when I think of the people working here. Yes, they ARE professional. They know what they do, and they know how to do it well. Their diagnoses are precise, and their attitude is really surprising (given my previous experience with other physical therapists) - they did care about my improvement, and they did their best to try various methods to improve MY specific condition - nothing standardized. Incredible. Yes, they are very nice and friendly as well, but if they were not so enormously professional, I wouldn't have cared about their smiles less. I had two problems with my legs, and these guys have helped me with both of them. Quickly and effectively. This is like a miracle for me.

5 stars Verified customer

Dr Flores, thank you so much for giving me this awesome opportunity to be a part of the team at PT Solutions for the past 6 weeks. I can't even start to express how much I've learned and grown as a PT student. Your clinic has a lot to offer and I am so grateful to have been exposed to a clinic like this. I wish you all the best! A. P.

5 stars Verified customer

I originally came to Physical Therapy Solutions with a foot injury and

plantar fasciitis. Almost immediately I knew I was in good hands.

Literally! Alex Lui, my primary therapist, was not only great at soft

tissue work, but at assessing how the injury was affecting the rest of my

body. As I continued treatment, I got to know the rest of the crowd & just

loved them! From Elayna & Jacey at the front desk to Brady who assisted

with exercises & worked with the cold laser, they were cheerful, helpful &

really knew their stuff. In fact, I was so comfortable there, that when I

injured my shoulder about a month later I didn't hesitate to get into the

office ASAP! Dr Lui was not there, but Dr Hussein was able to help me & he

was as wonderful as Dr. Lui. Assisted by the incredible Daniel, (best

massages ever!) Dr Hussein and Dr Lui set me on the road to recovery....

Again! I have already recommended PTS to several friends.

5 stars Verified customer

Physical Therapy Solutions (PTS) is the best! I started interning at PTS about a year ago and the team here has helped me grow in so many ways. I've interned at other clinics before, but none of them even close to how great PTS is. The team here genuinely cares about everyone that walks through their door, and I feel so lucky to have had the privilege of being able to observe the ortho&peds therapy team, the wellness team, and the front desk team--I really wish I didn't have to leave!

I first applied for an internship at PTS because I was interested in learning more about pediatric physical therapy. I shadowed Dr. Flores and Courtney and witnessed many young patients progress through torticollis programs successfully. It really was an eye-opening experience to see how effortlessly Dr. Flores worked with the peds patients; and I definitely learned a lot about the different kinds of skills that another should have when working with such a young age group.

Later in my internship, I started to shadow Dr. Hussein and Dr. Lui. I don't have any background in anatomy, but Dr. Hussein was always patient with me and continued to teach me so much about the body. I have a notepad at home that has all the terms that Dr. Hussein has taught me, and trust me, it's a thick notepad! Dr. Lui also taught me a lot about the body, but I really have to thank him for helping me develop a strong interest in visceral manipulation (which is now something I hope to practice in the future!). He always stressed the importance of continuing my education past PT school and he has definitely shaped my ideas of what it takes to be a great physical therapist. I can't thank them enough for the impact and inspiration they have had in my life this past year.

I could go on and on about everything PTS has to offer. Whether you are interested in orthopedics or pediatrics, or simply just want to gain exposure to physical therapy, this is THE place to apply to. I promise, you won't regret it :-) Dr. Flores really has done an amazing job in creating a warm and welcoming learning environment for both her patients and interns.

So, thank you Dr. Flores, Dr. Hussein, Dr. Lui, Brady, Jacey, Lisa, Courtney, Daniel, Jessica J., Jessica D, and Elayna for making my experience at Physical Therapy Solutions so great! I'm going to miss everyone!

5 stars Verified customer

Interning at Physical Therapy Solutions was an awesome experience! Everyday I walked in through those doors I left with a renewed sense of passion for the field of physical therapy. I love the friendly and optimistic atmosphere the Dr. Yvette Flores has worked so hard to establish here. Each patient here is always given the therapist's full attention and treated with the utmost care and respect. They always leave with a smile on their face.

Although my time here was short (about five months), I learned so much from each and every member on the team. One of the many perks of interning at this clinic is that there is so much variety provided. On top of physical therapy, the clinic also offers a wellness program, which includes nutrition counseling; massage therapy; and fitness training. Therefore, I was able to see how these programs worked hand in hand with physical therapy, which was definitely an eye-opener. Even the physical therapy provided here has a variety. The clinic has therapists that are specialized in orthopedics AND pediatrics. Up until I interned at this clinic, I was never aware that there was a pediatric division of physical therapy. I was lucky to observe Dr. Flores successfully treat many patients afflicted with torticollis. I also learned through this experience that there is definitely a different skill set required when working with such a young patient.

On the side of orthopedic physical therapy, I shadowed Dr. Hussein and Dr. Lui. Although I was decently adept at anatomy (since I took many anatomy classes at UCLA), the therapists constantly challenged my knowledge and built upon that knowledge by constantly quizzing me while I shadowed them. My experiences with them definitely gave me more qualitative knowledge on the human body. I was also introduced to the concept of visceral manipulation--the treatment of the body using the visceral organs. I thought this concept was pretty awesome and I hope to study it further in the future.

To all of those looking for a future in physical therapy or even if you are unsure but have an interest, definitely check this clinic out! I was actually unsure about my future until I applied here and I'm really glad I did! I got to realize how much I really liked physical therapy. It definitely matches my philosophy for health and I really loved the optimism at the clinic.

I'm really sad I had to leave but I know the clinic will be successful because the team members there work really hard everyday to ensure each patient gets treated with care and also to establish a friendly environment. It's a perfect place to receive treatment as well as for those earnest in learning more about the field of physical therapy. Thank you so much to all of the members at the clinic as well as all of the patients for making my experience at Physical Therapy so awesome! It's been really great and I'll really miss you all!