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Excellent care and treatment for pets !

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I understand that the doctors must take all cases seriously, especially regarding cases like mine where my puppy was vomiting after getting his vaccines. However, there should be a way to better assess this before I am told to bring in my dog. It was a waste of time for me to come in, not to mention it was extremely stressful at 3AM to have to drive out, just for the doctor to say he needs Benadryl. My total cost was $165, $95 for just the exam. I am a college student working two jobs to get by and I definitely did not need a $165 bill. I believe that you should be able to accommodate all your customers and that means fully considering what is going on before freaking me out and telling me my dog is going to go into anaphylactic shock.

5 stars Customer since 2016






5 stars Customer since 2015

I can't recommend Nor Cal enough. I've been there a few times now and each time the staff and vets have been professional, kind and reassuring. They are real experts and offer you different options based on your needs and budget.

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The front staff were very nice and helpful as were the Techs. I really appreciate the customer service.

The environment is extremely cold (I understand this from a health and sanitiation perspective), but I think they could make it more comfortable for the sick dogs. I had to wait an hour to get seen by the vet and meanwhile my dog was panting and in pain and sitting on the cold floor.

The biggest issue was my experience with the vet. She was abrupt and when I told her that I had started to give my dog raw food a couple weeks ago, she basically admonished me for doing so, saying you should never feed a dog raw food. I didn't want to get into an argument with her since I was only concerned about my dog being in so much pain, but in my profession I work with many vets who strongly disagree with her.

During her examination she handled my dog roughly. Yes, she needed to palpitate him but he was already so stressed and she didn't try to be soothing, or connect with him before she did so. The next day my personal vet was gently talking to him while she did the same examination. On a positive note the vet did not recommend doing a bunch of tests that night, rather, opt for supportive care and wait and see how he was doing in the morning and if necessary go to my personal vet. I appreciated her not trying to sell me on expensive tests that would cost quite a more if they weren't needed.

She left us in the room saying someone would come get him to give him fluids etc., and it wasn't till 15 minutes later, when I asked at the front desk, that someone came to collect him, which makes me think she forgot about us. If it was going to be a wait, it would have been helpful to just let us know as he had already been there 1.5 hours and was hunched over from pain.

I don't like leaving a negative review and there were some positives in my whole experience. I just think there's room for improvement. As it is, I will probably drive farther to go to another emergency vet the next time I need one.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Fantastic. Took me right away. Spent a lot of time with me. Never felt rushed. Felt really informed. Doctor provided his email address to personally contact him should the condition become worse.

5 stars Customer since 2015

Everyone is very nice and professional.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Excellent service. Vet and front desk staff were all really great! Not as expensive as I thought it might be!

Great place!

5 stars Customer since 2016

During our walk, my little pup began displaying mysterious symptoms that led me to believe he might die. In a panic I brought him to Nor Cal Emergency as they were recommended to me by both my sister and my vet. We were seen immediately, he was taken in back and within ten minutes someone came out smiling to tell me that he was going to be fine, was stable and was "stoned." It is funny now but it wasn't funny when it happened as apparently on our walk and visit with my neighbor friend, my little guy ate some cannabis waste discarded on the lawn by his son. Doesn't take much for a four pound dog. No judgement here as I know many people who partake but I'm not one of them. Just an accident as my pup has a habit of eating many things he shouldn't. He became non-responsive, couldn't stand and his breathing was almost non-existent. Back to Nor Cal. Dr. Balaban told me that vitals, a fluid flush, observation and an overnight stay were in order. She worked up a high/low estimate and presented it to me for an okay. She got it.

As I prepared to leave, separation anxiety ensued but I was told I could call any time of day or night to check on his condition. The next morning I spoke to Dr. Yoshida who told me my pup was alert and walking well but had yet to eat. As he is totally spoiled, I knew he would not eat what they offered him so I was told to bring up some of his favorite food to see if he would eat it. He finally ate everything I brought, became more interested in exploring his environs and going outside to pee and walk. He was totally back to normal. I was told he could be discharged and as we settled the bill I was told I would be receiving a large credit on my deposit. As it turned out, the actual cost was far closer to the low estimate than the high and from previous experience with other emergency vets, this has never happened. I scrutinized the bill at home and it was clear that they did only the necessary procedures required rather than take the opportunity to pad the bill. They are very honest.

In closing, in the worst of circumstances I found Nor Cal Veterinary Emergency Hospital to be an absolute blessing. Friendly doctors and assistants, great care and fair costs that prevent you from having to make difficult choices about your pet's emergency needs. I have had the great fortune of having two of the best veterinary doctors in existence caring for my two dogs and now I have a veterinary emergency hospital I can turn to in times of need. While in theory I hope to never need their services again, in reality it is a great comfort to know that they are now there for me and my little "too adventuresome" pup. Infinite thanks to all those at Nor Cal who cared for my little guy, made him well and comforted me.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Completely satisfied. This hospital has such an amazing staff! It was past 7PM on a Friday night, and everyone was super friendly and took care of my pup. They were very informative and helpful when it came to explaining what my dog's case was, symptoms he may experience, and were very clear about how to distribute all his prescription medications. Thank you Nor Cal Vet team!!!

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