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Randy Galgas

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Sarkissian Dentistry - Robert Sarkissian, DDS

5 stars 147 reviews

I have been going to Dr Sarissian for the last six months and found him through a referral. I am undergoing MAJOR procedures and have an inate fear of much so that I haven't seen a Dentist for over 15 years (probably the major reason why I need major work in the first place. So essentially there were some very large hurdles for me to overcome, not least of all my trust issues of ALL dentists and the amount of money required to set the problems straight. All I can see is that he is a FANTASTIC, OUTSTANDING Dentist. I have sat in his chair for over four hours in total and not once did I feel any pain whatsoever. His manner is extremely soothing and his Dentistry skills are already working wonders on my teeth and gums. And in case you're wondering financially he was substantially cheaper than most (if not all) his competitors. He has an extensive background in Pain Management and believe me when I say it is extremely hard to find a Dentist of his pedigree and experience. I would have no hesitation whatsover to refer his skills and services to anyone who has to sit in a dentist chair. And before I forget his staff are wonderful and supportive and he, personally is a great guy!!
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