95.8% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Verified customer

As always timely and excellent service for my VW TDI. Able to take my description of symptoms, assess the vehicle, develop a plan and complete appropriate work each visit.

5 stars Verified customer

Your mechanic is like your doctor. You build a strong relationship and your gut feeling and spiritual discernment allows or gives you the ok to trust them. Bill seems to be upfront and genuinely sincere. Both mechanics seem to be honest and personable. I really appreciate the first experience with the first repairs on my vehicle. I can tell by the quality of the work done, that they knew what they were doing. What always freightens me with mechanics is that, once you've revealed that you trust them, they tend to take advantage of your trust and ignorance. As a customer you rely heavily on their honesty and expertise. The mechanic has a lot of room to take advantage of you. My prayer is that Bill as well as his mechanics, will be consistent with my first experience described, so that our relationship can be long lasting, until God says something different. Good trustworthy mechanics are like trying to find a good soul mate. While I believe they're out there. They are very hard to come by. Before, I can refer anyone of my good friends or love ones, I have to have more then one good experience.

4 stars Verified customer


4 stars Verified customer

Audi parts and labor are expensive. It great to know you get what you pay for from this shop and these men know Audi. The Audi dealership has lost a customer. From now own I will get my service from this small shop where the mechanics are personal and friendly.

4 stars Verified customer

The folks at Crossroads were very knowledgeable about my car. I felt like they were honest with me and provided good service at a reasonable price.

5 stars Verified customer

Bill always takes great care of our cars and goes above and beyond to do right by us.

5 stars Verified customer

Fantastic as always.

1 stars Verified customer

car returned to me covered in grease with grease inside and all over the wheels.

bill at desk uncommunicative about how long repair would take, and never apologized

for a 'three hour' repair that took seven hours.

bill at desk uncommunicative about what service was performed, or why it needed to be performed.

he likes to say 'merry christmas' when saying that a repair he suggests will cost $2000.

as if that helps anything.

customer service exceedingly bad.

this is the amateur hour.

4 stars Verified customer

I brought my minicooper to Bill to fix a knocking sound in the front. Jay and Juan are great mechanics working there and they correctly diagnosed the problem, which mechanics in other shops have no idea at all.

In short they are experts about Mini that worth your trust.

The only reason I didn't put a five star is that the service was not clearly quoted, no hourly rate was stated.

However I am still very satisfied that the problem was solved.

5 stars Verified customer

Quality repairs and in a professional manner.

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4.5 stars 513 reviews

Dr. Suman and his team are outstanding. I have been to many dentists during my life and have required a ton of dental work, and I am really impressed with the Renaissance Family team. Dr. Suman went to great lengths to explain my treatment options and answer all my questions. I felt like he was giving me advice on treatment without pressuring me one way or another. As a physician myself, my expectations are extremely high and Dr. Suman and his team exceeded them. I would absolutely recommend them.
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