92.2% would refer friends and family to us

4 stars Customer since 2009

I was pleased with the speed with which I was able to make an appointment. I had sat down for less than 5 minutes before I was called in.

While I will never enjoy a cleaning, the work is professionally done and of good quality.

The dentist came in to make sure I was comfortable and assess the need for work on my teeth. She was nice, courteous, professional and thorough.

5 stars Verified customer

The Staff did a great job.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Everything was excellent, a good experience. Sara is a kind, friendly, and capable hygienist.

4 stars Customer since 2014

Professional, pleasant, a calming experience. So much better than Yorktown.

Not a 5 Star because it is a Dentist Office

4 stars Customer since 2014

my apt card said 11:30 am on 10-17-2014. My email that was sent to me on 10-13 also says 11:30am apt. when i arrived the receptionist told me my apt was at 12:00pm. i would never make an apt for that time because i work 1-6 on fridays. Needless to say i was late for work. the receptionist kept insisting I was wrong. I had the card and the email to prove what time my apt was but she kept saying I was wrong. although the apt went great with the cleaning I recieved, I didnt appreciate the attitude of the receptionist. I am on time for my apts and I expect to recieve the same courtesy.

5 stars Customer since 2014

As soon as we got there and sat down, my son went right in...they are super friendly..would recommend

1 stars Customer since 2014

Worst dentist I ever went to.

5 stars Verified customer

Good experience and I'll be back!

2 stars Customer since 2012

The dentist are wonderful. The staff do not communicate with each other. I received a call the day prior to my appointment to explain that I have an outstanding balance and a payment would need to be made before any service could be performed. The issue had been discussed and arrangement were made for payment a month prior. They had received a payment not more than 2 weeks before my appointment. I felt harassed. Taking the time to meet about clients or reading notions in the file would prevent these kinds of mistakes. Also, they say they will call back and don't. They don't apologize for their errors or their attitudes. They also make request for pre-authorizations for services I don't need. The staff I am talking about are not the same people I've experienced in the past. It has only been in the past 2-3 months that these new people are there. I hope the old staff returns soon.

5 stars Customer since 2009

Pleasant Personnel and all around good service.