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92.2% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2013


5 stars Customer since 2013

Melanie was very patient with me - I am a terrible client: I don't know how to tell stylists what I want. She patiently talked me down off the wall and the visit was excellent with a terrific hair cut!

4 stars Customer since 2014

Great. Loved my hair, just need to get a little closer to the roots next time for the high lights

4 stars Customer since 2013

A lovely 90 minute facial ....

The facility is really professional, despite being a training centre. You must be prepared to wait and not have unrealistic expectations...these are trainees and therefore you must expect it NOT to be slick and uber glamorous.

It is a comfortable and generally quiet environment but there were times that I was left in the area alone for several minutes as the trainee took advice and/or checked the next steps in the treatment.

Overall I have found that Aveda is a really great facility - a third of many spa prices in the strip and you definitely get your money's worth. I travel to Vegas a lot and ALWAYS book in for one or more treatment

5 stars Customer since 2012

I came in nervous to try a new color & style, I had backed out of changing my hair before. When Liz and her teacher became excited after looking at the picture, it made me feel more confident! My hair turned out gorgeous! And to think I almost backed out again! Thank you ladies!!!!!

1 stars Verified customer

My experience this time was very very bad. The day before I had my hair colored and the stylist recommended I come back the next day for a toner to even out the color. When my toner was applied, I let the stylist know my head was burning. It had burned the day before and the instructor put something in my hair to make it stop. She said it would be noted in my file that I was having an allergic reaction to the product. Today when I told the stylist it was burning, she basically said oh well, it wouldn't be too much longer. In addition to the pain, the toner did absolutely nothing. My hair was the exact same color it was when I walked in. The stylist then styled my hair and it looked no better than if I'd air dryed it myself. It was the worst my hair has ever looked walking out of a salon. To add insult to injury, I was charged $12 for the horrible experience.

4 stars Customer since 2011

The atmosphere and attention to satisfaction is my no.1 enjoyment of coming to Aveda Institute. The calming treatments really set the level I usually need after a long weeks work. The skill levels may vary from each student but the interaction with each of them is very enjoying.

Something has been making appointments during the last month a bit unsettling. I have had 2 appointments cancelled after they had been confirmed online. It actually took 3 weeks to get the services I needed. The thrid time I was called and told that my appointment would have to be rescheduled do to overbooking I had to insist that the appointment be kept. What was so surprising was that the afternoon I came most of the chairs were empty. Very low number of clients for a Saturday. I am so used to the place being packed. I hope this issue will be resolved.

5 stars Customer since 2014

very good service

2 stars Customer since 2013

I had a cut and retouch color on November 8. While the student was very pleasant - and did a good job with the mini-massage - it has only been 9 days since the retouch and my hair is already gray again. I have a very distinct and definite 'skunk' stripe going on. I am very disappointed over this. The color usually lasts anywhere from 3 - 5 weeks. I also am not very happy with the cut. The back of the neck was not cut quite short enough - and the bangs keep 'flipping' out to the side. I am typically very happy with the color retouch - but not this time.

5 stars Customer since 2012

Love Aveda Institute. Always get great service and the quality of their products is superb.