94.8% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2014

AAA Animal Hospital got my and my dog in quickly. They treated her accurately and quickly at a low cost. I will bring all 3 of my dogs here from now on

5 stars Customer since 2011

Friendly, patient and fast help to provide care for my fur babies! Thank you!

5 stars Verified customer

I love that Walk-ins are OK! The staff is always friendly and even on busy days my wait is not too long! The prices are reasonable and the service is great!

5 stars Verified customer

The front desk staff is always very helpful and knowledgable! I appreciate that they call me when my dog is ready and give update calls as well. I have been going here consistantly and will continue to do so for the longevity of my pet, as well as recommend AAA Animal Hospital to my pals (which is how I found them in the first place).

4 stars Customer since 2014

I loved the positive spirit of the women at the desk. Very helpful. Disappointed I didn't get some kind of report from examination by vet...since it was separately charged.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Thank you for making my first visit a very comforting and informative appointment. Your environment is very clean and pleasant.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Everyone was extremely nice and I was in and out (as a walk in) very quickly. The veterinarian was great and explained everything in terms I could understand.

1 stars Customer since 2014

To whom it may concern:

My dog has always been a bit jumpy because of her acute hearing abilities. Last Forth of July I had to cover her ears over with ear muffs in this now "safe and sane" city of Huntington Beach so that she didn't jump out of her skin each time fireworks went off nearby.

Imagine my consternation and dismay when I had my dog treated at "this place" only to find that she has gone profoundly deaf in both ears after a growth was removed from her ear flap. As suggested by "this place" I also had her ears cleaned as well as her teeth. She returned home with a head collar which was to prevent her from further damaging herself while she was healing. But this 2 weeks of collaring prevented me from reallizing that there was something terribly wrong with my poor dog. She wouldn't respond to my call anymore and whereas before she hadn't been much of a barker, now she will bark for a long time at nothing at all. I suspect she hears ringing in her ears and is responding to it by barking in frustration. She is deaf in BOTH ears and it has changed her dramatically.

As a result I took her back to the same clinic for a consultation where I was led into a treatment room while my dog was taken away for an otic (ear) examination. As suspected the young man (without identifying name badge) who when asked said he was a veterinarian told me my dog was deaf in both ears without giving an explanation as to why this would have occurred and definitely with no apology offered. I then asked him if this had ever happened before at his clinic and he said to his knowledge that it hadn't but that "maybe" one of the older staff vets may have more knowledge than him. He became defensive and emphatic that what had happened had nothing to do with the dogs treatment at "his clinic" and he had never heard of such a thing happening before. His only explanation was that my dog may have been deaf before she came into his clinic but that I had just not noticed it up to that time. He then made an off hand remark that he could recommend a specialist in a distant part of Orange County. No remorse was shown by him just excuses and obfuscation.

I then confronted him with an article that I had printed out from the internet that linked dog deafness with the very treatment his clinic had given my dog but he didn't want to read it and told that I shouldn't believe anything that I read on the internet. The irony is that after I requested that he send me some information via my email address concerning my dog's deafness he subsequently sent me the very same article I had printed out for myself previously and wanted to show him the day I was in his office. Here is a hyper-text link to the article which is in question and describes the linkage between dog deafness and anesthesia. http://www.lsu.edu/deafness/Sudden.htm (although you can easily google this yourself e.g. anesthesia causes deafness dogs or humans). Let me end by saying that I can not tell you the name of this vet (if he indeed was one) who denied all knowledge of this sudden onset of deafness due to anesthesia, as he wore no identification, although it turns out to be common knowledge in the field of medicine that it is a harmful side effect. Once again, dear reader beware and do your own research if it helps but DO NOT allow any vet to mislead you into having your dog anesthetized while having BOTH its ears cleaned and teeth cleaned at the same time as it may result in the deafness that my dog now suffers from.

Never going back...................

3 stars Verified customer

When I got there I wasn't greeted by anyone and had to ask for assistance, which isn't how it usually is when I go. I was also a little put off when I was given the form to fill out for boarding. I consented to flea control if my dog had fleas, and when i turned in the form she asked me again and then told me he had fleas. I would have preferred to have been told firs and then asked for consent for treatment. Then I was told the price would be $10 and when given the total it was $12. Just inconsistency that day and was just a little unhappy with the staff that day.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Amazing expierence! I brought my puppy in and they were so nice and helpful.

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