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Dr. Wendelburg & his staff made our experience as easy as these sorts of things can be. We feel

confident we made the right decision choosing the ASG to help care for our sweet Bailey girl. Dr. Wendelburg took the time to explain in detail exactly what was going on with our dog. He was literally walking to his car saw my husband and I, stopped and brought us into the clinic to go over our dogs CT scan. Dr. Wendelburg truly loves all the animals he treats and it is apparent in his bedside manner. Thank you Dr!

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Dr Bilbrey was very thorough in his assessment of Justin's need for surgery and explained everything very well. What was more impressive is when he decided not to do the surgery based on what he saw on the CT scan. It saved undue trauma to Justin (not to mention my wallet!). We'll deal with Justin's problem in another way, which is probably just fine with him. Thanks Dr Bilbrey.

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There is no better animal hospital in LA in my opinion. Everyone from the receptionists, to the vet techs, the residents, and the doctors truly are professionals and care for your beloved family member. I extremely valued the communication throughout the entire process; from the consultation, to the results of blood work, etc, pre- and post-surgery, they were excellent at keeping not only me informed, but my dog's regular veterinarian as well. I highly recommend them!

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Dr. Harling gave Athena the best care possible. He was extremely attentive and caring. He always kept me informed and answered all of my questions. He saved my dogs life and I will be forever grateful. We took her treatment step by step and she made it through with Dr. Harling's guidance. I'm looking forward to another happy decade with my senior Maltese baby girl.

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I love this place! Since I do rescue I have been here more than a couple of times. This is my second time with Dr. Huber and I love him and his staff. They are friendly, professional, patient and take the time to explain procedures. I don't like that I have a circumstance that brings me here but always know my aniamls are in the best hands who provide the best of care. Thank you Animal Speciality. You guys rock!

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Outstanding experience from check in to post surgical check out. Everyone cares and is good at their job.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Thank you for everything! Know that Bogie will be getting better every day, due to you all.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I'm a first time pet owner and my poor little cat had to have surgery. I was referred here by my veterinarian. I don't have much to compare it to, but I have to say it was a great experience. Everyone there seem nice and really caring.

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Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Parsley could not have been better! My dog had been in and out of hospitals and specialist's offices all week and none of those experiences were been as warm, caring and thorough as our experience was at ASG. I can't recommend them highly enough!

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Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD

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Dr Baba hit me in my llip and made my lip bleed. He then changed two temporaries that were just fine to two temporaries of the worst quality.. The charge for these two inferior temporaries were $278 which I clearly did not understand why temporaries were not being replaced with permanent restorations . I concluded that it has to do with "quick money" that did not have to go through the insurance company. I have had to take off all week to try to resolve problems he has created. He took a drill and destroyed my tooth . I only have a tiny nub.of a tooth. When I ask him why he did this to me , he does not respond. I went to him on three occasions, to be back where I started with two temporaries but in addition to that, my teeth have been destroyed. Of course like other irresponsible dentist, when he has done his damage, he runs. I am running also - straight to the dental board. I realize there is a reason he is primarily at a school. The worst dentist ever with no integrity. His dental assistants had to alert me to the fact that he had destroyed my teeth. If you don't want to have to miss work trying to correct the damage he has caused and time filing complaints and talking to lawyers. Run while you still have your teeth !!!!!! The worst dentist ever with no conscience as well. I have learned my lesson. "Never relax in a dentist chair and assume he has your best interest at heart. Contantly watch what he is doing or you too may end up with a nub of a tooth and unneccessary root canals." I too thought he was so caring and etc; until it was too late. He did not bother to tell me he had drilled my entire tooth making it impossible for a temporary to stay on. I am even more surprised by the "mature" way he handles the situation after he has done his damage. It is "you" that is the problem not his work. . I do not know if he destroyed my tooth out of pure meanness or if he felt destroying my tooth would now allow him to bill for a post and build up or if there is a legimatel reason I only have a nub of a tooth left because he refuse to answer the question. I suppose the Dental Board will have to review all the records and decide. I have also had difficulty getting my dental records which I am legally entitled to. I am planning to send him a certified request soon. ;
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