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4 stars Verified customer

The vets were very nice and attentive to our pet in an emergency. The staff at the front desk appeared very busy but I felt a bit ignored. I was not acknowledged for quite a few minutes. Once I was finally greeted, the staff is friendly.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Like most dog owners, our sweet dog is an interagal part of our family. So when we dropped him off for surgery, we left with a hole in our hearts not sure of the outcome. I am so happy to report that his surgery was very successful, but just as important was how assessable the staff and doctors were during his recovery. It was obvious the entire staff loves animals and are truly dedicated to our pets. My wife and I cannot thank doctors and the vetenariy staff for the care and comfort they provided to our dog and us during this stressful time in our lives.

5 stars Verified customer

Friendly and helpful. They explained everything well and took great care , they kept me informed of everything and I really appreciated that.

5 stars Customer since 1993

Where do I begin? You guys came through for me again. I'm a long time client and sometimes the outcomes weren't what I hoped for, but,I've always received professionalism and compassion in large doses and this week's experience reinforced my conviction that ASG is the best. You saved my Jake and, more than that, you loved him. I'm so grateful.

4 stars Verified customer

Dr Bilbrey is very nice. Takes his time to explain and answer all questions. Dr Ahn also very attentive to all questions Most of the staff is professional and courteous. A few could improve their C S skills. Overall I feel safe and secure with the services and the most important

5 stars Verified customer

My dog Chopper first went to ASG when she was a year old for luxating patella in both knees. She is a little 6 lb Yorkie and her knees are tiny! Dr. Bilbrey took great care of my little pup and her surgery went very well. She was fantastic until about 5 years later she tore both of her ACLs and I brought her back to Dr. Bilbrey – it was hard to watch her have to go through surgery again and I felt really bad but it was well worth it. She has since recovered and is in great shape! She runs around like a puppy! Dr. Bilbrey is kind and gentle with the animals he helps, but also with the people who love them.

The staff is also amazing. They are friendly and try their best to make you feel at ease. I recently had to take my other pup to ASG to get an MRI and when I mentioned Chopper (the little yorkie) they still remembered her! Dr. Bilbrey even came out to say hi. It's impressive that after 6 years, there are still so many faces I recognize. Good employees are kept by ASG and happy employees don't leave ASG!

I would highly recommend ASG - they are a great bunch of people.

5 stars Customer since 2014

We are still in the process of treatment for our dog but the Staff has been great in all phases. Dr. Collins has been a wonderful Dr and very honest with us. We could not be happier with the service so far.

5 stars Customer since 2014

I found your staff very caring and competent. My appointment was for 11:00 am and I was able to see the doctor by 11:15 am. My dog's condition was explained to me very clearly as were the options I had. I left Arnie from 11:45 until approximately 8:30 pm and was kept up to date by the doctor via telephone. You have a first rate operation going there!

5 stars Customer since 2002

Dr. Schulman and her team took great care of my dog Cloud. We thought she was a lazy 10 year old, but now after her diagnosis and with propert medication she is running around like a 2 year old!

5 stars Customer since 2014

My experience was extremely good. My dog was treated so well, she was greeted by friendly, caring technicians and Veterinary Doctors. The hospital was clean and welcoming. The people at the desk were kind to me, even though I was so nervous. I'm so happy my daughter had recommended I take my dog there. She brought her Golden Retriever there in the past. My daughter has nothing but the utmost compliments and praises the wonderful care given to both our dogs. Thank you so very much for your knowledge, expertise and treatment.

I'm very grateful.

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Nadim Z. Baba, DMD, MSD

5 stars 19 reviews

Dr Baba hit me in my llip and made my lip bleed. He then changed two temporaries that were just fine to two temporaries of the worst quality.. The charge for these two inferior temporaries were $278 which I clearly did not understand why temporaries were not being replaced with permanent restorations . I concluded that it has to do with "quick money" that did not have to go through the insurance company. I have had to take off all week to try to resolve problems he has created. He took a drill and destroyed my tooth . I only have a tiny nub.of a tooth. When I ask him why he did this to me , he does not respond. I went to him on three occasions, to be back where I started with two temporaries but in addition to that, my teeth have been destroyed. Of course like other irresponsible dentist, when he has done his damage, he runs. I am running also - straight to the dental board. I realize there is a reason he is primarily at a school. The worst dentist ever with no integrity. His dental assistants had to alert me to the fact that he had destroyed my teeth. If you don't want to have to miss work trying to correct the damage he has caused and time filing complaints and talking to lawyers. Run while you still have your teeth !!!!!! The worst dentist ever with no conscience as well. I have learned my lesson. "Never relax in a dentist chair and assume he has your best interest at heart. Contantly watch what he is doing or you too may end up with a nub of a tooth and unneccessary root canals." I too thought he was so caring and etc; until it was too late. He did not bother to tell me he had drilled my entire tooth making it impossible for a temporary to stay on. I am even more surprised by the "mature" way he handles the situation after he has done his damage. It is "you" that is the problem not his work. . I do not know if he destroyed my tooth out of pure meanness or if he felt destroying my tooth would now allow him to bill for a post and build up or if there is a legimatel reason I only have a nub of a tooth left because he refuse to answer the question. I suppose the Dental Board will have to review all the records and decide. I have also had difficulty getting my dental records which I am legally entitled to. I am planning to send him a certified request soon. ;
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Center for Prosthetic Dentistry

5 stars 96 reviews

I've never in my life had better care. Thank you to Dr. D & all the staff: I just love this office. Makes me look forward to going to the dentist. :-)
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