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1 stars Verified customer

Horrible experience !!! To top it off, Billing Dept. Came up with additional charges 2 months after the fact saying I had maxed out insurance and needed to pay out of pocket which was a lie and they refused to correct billing . I should have paid attention to prior reviews.

Cape Coral Towncare Dental Associates replied:

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Unfortunately these comments were submitted anonymously leaving us no way to research to see if there was a valid reason

2 stars

I have no complaint about the professional staff - Dr Elia, Dawn the hygienist and the the dental assistants all do a great job and are responsive to my needs. .My BIG complaint is with the front office staff and I wonder if the Office Manager has ever taken the time to review procedures and look at response time to telephone messages. Calling the office never results in a live person only a request to leave a message. These messages are very rarely returned and I have had to resort to driving over to the office to speak to someone in person. Some sensitivity training is also obviously required to improve interactive skills with patients in the office. A smile and a cheery hello would go a long way.. The company that owns this practice should realize that it is the front office staff that sets the tone. So regretfully I would not recommend this particular dental office.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Excellent !!

2 stars

the Dental Care is good, The office is a terrible.

They cancel appointments, over book -- long wait times before you hit the chair.

The office staff gives you the run around. They seemed to be untruthful in my experience.

the office reminders are a nuisance. They send email reminders and texts, which when you confirm them it means nothing-- because they still call you to confirm the appointment.

Fyi, the lobby looks nice and updated, but the rooms are quite old, yellowed equipment.. etc

The one positive has been the medical staff, they are very nice, and have provided good care.

But is it worth dealing with the front end, I'm not sure.

Cape Coral Towncare Dental Associates replied:

It is unfortunate that your comments were submitted anonymously leaving us no way to contact you to address your concerns. We apologize for not meeting your expectations; patient comfort is one of our top priorities. We urge you to contact us so we can discuss your specific situation

1 stars

The dentist was fine. The office staff is terrible. Billing department terrible.

Cape Coral Towncare Dental Associates replied:

We regret that we were not able to fully meet your needs and appreciate your efforts to continue working with us while we attempt to come to an amicable resolution to this issue. Please contact the office if you have any further concerns.

4 stars Customer since 2012

I just noticed that there are reviews out there for this dental office where I have been a patient for almost 5 years. I can't believe we are talking about the same office. I have periodontal maintenance cleanings 3-4 times a year. Yes, these are expensive treatments, but I knew before I went there that I needed them. I find their prices to be within a competitive price range. Most of all I am astounded by the comments about the staff and the wait times. I have never waited more than 10 minutes, in or out of the treatment rooms, and every employee I have met, front office, dentist, hygienist, dental assistant or whomever, is unfailingly polite, concerned, empathetic and efficient.

1 stars

My husband and I chose Towncare for our provider with our insurance. We couldn't wait for the year to be over so we could drop them. They gave me a crown that looks like a child made it. In fact the dental assistant was the one who put it in. It was expensive and I'm sure it will need to be replaced. They are also running a scaling scheme. They insisted my husband have scaling done and told him he could have it done at the Edison Dental - he went to the Edison and the said he did not need scaling. Even though he had the paperwork from the Edison Dentist Towncare still wouldn't clean my husbands teeth. Save yourself the aggravation and humilation and go somewhere else. PS: the front desk help is curt and rude.

Cape Coral Towncare Dental Associates replied:

Due to the anonymous response , we are unable to contact you but would be very happy to speak to you about your concerns regarding your visit to the office.  We want every visit to be a positive experience and every experience to be better than the one before.   We urge you to call our office manager and give us the opportunity to earn back your trust.

5 stars Customer since 2004

As normal Cape Coral Dental Associates did a terrific job for me. The staff is happy and friendly which creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Thanks to my hygienist you are a doll. Keep up the good work gang!!

Daniel Meadows

1 stars Verified customer

They charge double on everything with no real compassion !

Cape Coral Towncare Dental Associates replied:

We apologize for your negative experience at our office. We do our best to keep our prices competitive and we are disappointed to hear of your dissatisfaction.

4 stars

First-the waiting area and all rooms I had my dental work in were well kept up, and had an attractive appearance to them-all staff were helpful and friendly-on the negative side -there is a good deal of pressure put on you,in regards to trying to get as much money out of you as possible for services-bottom line is one can only pay what they can pay-however they do try to work within your budget as much as possible-also I am one who believes that if you give me an upfront number on what I will be paying ,after all is negotiated on,then dont try to change the price after each service is performed,you will gain much more faith in prospective clients, and they will want to come back making your business even more lucrative.I do want to say I did have a very upsetting experience in a quote I was given on a rootcanal, was sent to a specialist-and he would not honor what I was told would be the cost,-in honesty I was livid-didn't have work done-but office mgr took care of problem, and I had it done for the quoted amount at a rescheduled time by someone else.One person I do want to give a top notch reccommendation to is Dr. Miller-I dealt with him on several visits, and he is a true professional, He truly believes in making sure the work he does, is nothing but the best,-he really does care about the work he is doing on you, and the treament he gave me, each and every time was top notch-he is a perfectionist who expects his work on your teeth to be flawless.one cant ask for anything more when it come to your health. Dale

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Next Plumbing

5 stars 30 reviews

My story starts with I live in Illinois and I own a rental towne house in Ft. Myers, FL. A new senior lady tenant just moved in, and she complaint that "the whole house water smells so bad, it makes her sick". I have owned this place since 1986 and never have this kind of problem before, so imagine the kind of stress that it put on, on top of it the timing was on a Thursday... I had to researched the problem quickly...Thank to the internet overnight, I find Next Plumbing. I visited the company website. I was impressed with the company's philosophy, attitude, business operation, and not over charges, and it was exactly what I thought needed to be checked. I called Next Plumbing early the next morning (Friday), and explained to Rose - the Front Office. Typically, Friday's appointments were all booked, the next one would be first Monday morning. But according to my appeal for this situation and this was where and when my "luck of the day" began...Rose took the initiate and went out of her way to locate "Dave or Scott" the two plumbers who are closest to my address. Some wait and see... Rose came back with good news. Dave responded...that he closed by and had some time before his next emergency appointment. Dave was on his way. Dave checked out every point of the water entry inside the house, identified the source of the problem, explained and calmed down my tenant. The sulfur smell somehow came from the city water (outside source, and not from the inside or the hot water tank fails) and somehow stuck in the hot water tank line as well. My unit happened to be unoccupied for several months. Anyway, Dave knew what to do, and took the time to drain all the bad stuffs out and the smell goes away. Problem solved, and what a relief for my tenant to be able to shower and to cook etc...and not have to be inconvenient over the weekend. More importantly, I was able to talk directly with Dave over the phone. Dave took time explaining so that I heard the same explanation as if I was there in Ft. Myers and I knew what and the value that I was paying for... I tested the company communication via phone, online, and email, they are all very effective to reach a " live person". So, my conclusion is that I am 100% glad to now connecting and to have Next Plumbing as my first go to source for any plumbing problem in the future, and glad to give my referrals, and word of mouth to everyone out there.
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