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My dentist was very good. He filled a chipped front tooth. Beautiful Job and quick. The second time (a week or so later) I had a right, lower molar filling replaced (admittedly a tough procedure in back of my mouth). I needed several shots of nova-cane which numbed my jaw, cheek, gums etc. etc. The Dentist did not do the clean up and filling of the tooth (an assistant performed this part). From the numb patient point of view, all went well. The Dentist came into the room at the end and the assistant showed him that she had injured my cheek in the procedure and they showed me. He told me that this was going to hurt and to rinse with warm salt water (1 teaspoon or less in a glass of water). When the anesthesia wore off, I hurt/sensitive and swollen for 3 weeks and as of today 5/30/2016,six weeks later, I still have a small lump in my lower cheek...no pain and I assume this will go down eventually...I will go back to this dentist in the future but I will insist that I get another assistant or have only the Dentist do the dentistry.

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A few years back had a bad experience there with being told my out of pocket expense would be zero. Afterwords got a bill in the mail. I contacted them by phone and the same front counter person that went over my procedure and explained my insurance was the same one that I spoke with on the phone about me getting a bill in the mail.

She had a I can careless attitude towards my concern... I stopped going to Smile Quest because of her.

A couple years later I brought my fiance in for a dental appointment and once I found out that she no longer worked there I explained what transpired before , I was apologized several times to and have since had nothing but great service.

Now every staff member I have made contact with has been very polite, professional and courteous .

P.S. Side note

Now that everyone has to be PC ( politically correct ) and seems to be offended by just about anything .

Dr. needs to have better jokes ... lol

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Best dentist i ever been to.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Great as usual...

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I was pleasantly surprised and very pleased with the treatment.

Thank you, Jonathan Houk

5 stars Customer since 2016

Wonderful experience and Dr Collins was top notch as was his staff. Very professional and attentive. He even called to see hownineasndoing after a tooth extraction and implant was done in the same day. He is a skilled surgeon

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I highly recommend Simie Quest Dental. I am a a Registered Nurse for 25 years and I can relate how everyone at SQD treat their patients with professionalism and respect. Everybody makes you feel comfortable.,The clinic has the latest technology equipments from X-ray to small gadgets. Also, it is very clean and organized. The entire staff were all very pleasant, polite and very warm to the patients .They do not sell you services you do not need. Dr. Jonathan Collins is my dentist. He explains the procedure well and encourages you to ask questions. SQD is not just a general family dentistry clinic, they do cosmetic dentistry as well, they are CEREC Certified.

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We love the staff and doctors!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Best dentist office I have ever been to!

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Everyone is so helpful and there to make an often difficult circumstance very easy. My comfort was their main concern.