97.1% would refer friends and family to us

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Always a good visit with caring and efficient personnel

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I rate them as a io for service and attention toward animals. However my only complaint is that I made an appt for my cay to have a bath and was not advised that Monday's are "dog days". bUT they did accept my cay and took proper care of her in due time. Still rate them a 10.

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Love everything! When our puppy comes home she sleeps the rest of the day because she had to much fun during her stay. The only negative I have to say is it is a bit pricy especially on longer stays

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Our new "baby" Brutus enjoyed his puppy care visit yesterday. Everyone was absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

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There is nothing negative about this Hospital or the staff !!! EXCELLENT PLUS

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Our beloved mutt, Mojave (Mo), was strange looking. His head was the same size as a golden retriever and his coat was that golden color. His legs were only five (5) inches tall, from his shoulders & hips to the tips of his toes. He was a good boy, a sweet boy, and we loved him very much. Still love him to this day.

The night before Thanksgiving (many years ago), Mo somehow escaped. Mo was several doors down when he was hit by a car. The driver was cruel, backing over Mo only to drive over him again repeatedly. Luckily a neighbor (all of my neighbors knew who Mo was), saw what was going on and rescued Mo. Our friend kindly picked him up and brought him home. I, immediately saw his poor broken & bloody body, and I called for my son to give me a soft towel. I gently wrapped Mo up in the towel, handed him off to my son, and drove to Simmons Veterinary.

The strangest thing is that I'd been in emergency situations in the Army, with my husband, with my children and I was always cool, calm and collected. However, the moment I saw Mo, no natter how hard I tried, I could not get my emotions in check. I knew before reaching Simmons that Mo would be leaving us to go to the rainbow bridge and I was crushed. I felt like I'd failed him, I should have done better.... Simmons carefully and kindly helped Mo's transition, they asked if I wanted the towel back and I said 'no, I want him to forever be able to smell home.' Stupid, I know. After all was said and done, they handed Mo to my son in a special box and we drove home in silence and buried Mo in the back yard.

A few days later Simmons, thoughtfully, sent us Mo's paw print and a sympathy card, then later a letter. At the time, reeling from the loss, all I could think was that the vet was trying to kill me. Seriously, years passed & we could not even say his name without all of us falling apart, crying uncontrollably. We still miss him, on occasion we still weep, and we stayed away from all dogs. Fortunately, as time passed, we realized that Simmons was only trying to give us beautiful gifts, a touchstone if you will, to remind us of our beloved Mojave.

Last year we rescued/adopted a cutie boxer, our sweet Cookie, from out of state. After she became family, we discovered the Florida Boxer Rescue (FBR) & Coastal Boxer Rescue (CBR) and was shocked at the number of cuties needing forever homes. We recently decided to adopt/rescue a boxer from CBR. We know our sweet Cookie would love it and we know that our 'empty nest' can provide a forever home for the right boxer. Gratefully, Simmons works with rescue organizations like the CBR and just like our believed mutt Mo & sweet Cookie, we choose to adopt rather than buy.

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Wonderful and dedicated staff.

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I cane in to renew a prescription for 'Fortiflora' and buy a box of Revolution. The young lade who assisted me was excellent.

I also made an appointment for Beauty to have her teeth cleaned next Wednesday with Dr.Wong. The young lady who made my appointment was also very informative and pleasant, even though she had toothache and was wishing it was time to go home.

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Great as always!