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3 stars Verified customer

Each time after my dental cleaning or treatment, somehow I got one spot sore mouth. I suspected getting it through dental work. Only one spot, it was not so bad, but it did take me a few days to get cure, because that the wound was developed into sore.

After one and half year i had a dental cleaning on last Thursday. Teething cleaning was done OK, but when doing polishing, I felt kind of be wounded in my inside under lip, but not sure because I couldn't not see. After done cleaning, I checked with mirror I was sure what happened to my lips during polishing. I got 7 small wound on my under lip, the worst experience I have through dental treatment. I required medicine to get cure quickly, otherwise they will be developed into sore mouth that would be very painful. Dentist did suggest to apply oral gel. I bought a small tube of oral gel at Shoppersdrugmart with pharmacist's help, and the expense was reimbursed by dental clinic. When I got home I applied oral gel immediately on the seven wound spot that I found on the day. Later Friday, I felt pain on my right lips corner and found another wound spot that I didn't apply oral gel immediately on the day. This morning (Sunday) I looked at mirror, that 7 spots are almost cure, only the one on right lip corner is developed into sore mouth.

Suggestions: I understand that some accidents could happen during dental treatment, however the dental clinic should use more protected equipment and some critical step to recover the accident. For example, 1. For dental polishing, the equipment should have a protection cover on the lips side.

2. There are oral gel ready in the clinic, once such wound on lips happen, apply oral gel immediately to prevent further developing into sore mouth that make patient uncomfortable in the days.

3. Hints to patients once done, if feel wound on inside or outside lips. Sometimes you won't feel pain when you get wound on your lips, just when the wound is developed into sore mouth, then you feel pain.

5 stars Verified customer

Great hrs. The most through cleaning I can remember. Staff very professional.

5 stars Verified customer

I was treated promptly, professionally, and curteously.

5 stars Verified customer

Very fast and painless root canal. Expected it to hurt and take hours but she finished it so quickly and no pain. Will be back. Thanks

5 stars Verified customer

The dentist was really nice and took good care.my overall experience was good.

4 stars Verified customer

Good customer service , very good with getting appointments set up to get work done quickly also with the work done on my teeth so far has been a good experience job well done.

5 stars Verified customer

It was very good!!!

5 stars Verified customer

All the staff was amazing people. I feel very good with the service, for sure I will recommend you. Thanks a lot.

5 stars Verified customer

Everything was perfect!! Very professional and friendly staff.

5 stars Verified customer

All staff are awesome! Friendly.