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2 stars

I brought my daughter in for her regular dental cleaning and overall the experience went okay. However, I was not happy with the way her hygienist was speaking to my daughter during the X-ray process. She made my daughter very uncomfortable and kept telling my daughter to "be still and hurry up" or they would "be here all day"! Who says that to a 7 year old? I heard it several times as I was waiting in the dental cleaning area. I got up from my seat to see what was going on and I was about to exchange words with the hygienist. I saw my daughter crying and they said they would do x-ray next time. I understand there are other patients waiting, etc, but you don't speak that way to a child who is uncomfortable and scared of the x-ray process. This woman was rushing my daughter and making my daughter feel more scared telling her to "be still and hurry up or we will be here all day" comments. Then she tells my daughter firmly "stop crying" basically so she could hurry with the cleaning and get on with the next child. I felt that was very insensitive and unprofessional of her. Afterwards, she rushed through the cleaning and was friendly with my daughter, but I was not happy. She could have handled the x-ray process with more sensitivity and NOT rush a child who is afraid. I will be looking for another dental office that is not so factory oriented. Im disappointed and most likely will not return or refer others to this place.

1 stars

I was trying to make an appointment for my 2 kids, one is 3 and the other 6. Company policy is to see all kids under 6 in the mornings... too bad I cannot make it.. I am able to take time off in the afternoons not in the mornings, besides that, my 6 years old has to go to school but of course they could make an exception with him again.. I have 2 kids thanks for understanding that he has to attend classes, but what about being a little opened when a sibling is under 6? You are losing potential customers. I am really sorry, your location was very convenient for my whole family. Good luck with your policies!

4 stars Customer since 2012

I had a great experience with the doctor and hygenist. However, I had a 10:00 appointment and didn't have X-rays done or be seen by the dentist until 11:00am. I am a new patient but an hour wait is ridiculous. Because of the hour wait, I wasn't able to get my teeth cleaned (which was the whole purpose of the visit). Hopefully that wait won't happen again.

London Square Main Street Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics replied:

We pride ourselves in providing excellent patient experience each and every time you are in our office. We value your time and apologize that you had to wait for your appointment.

2 stars

Three visits so far. Staff is friendly, but not professional. BAD, painful cleaning experience! Was not given a goody bag, instead I got a charge for $25 for a mouthwash. Fillings treatment was ok. My son's visit was smooth. Very patient and friendly staff. But 30 minute waiting time is too much and the playing area was dirty. I expected more!

London Square Main Street Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics replied:

Due to the anonymous response , we are unable to contact you but would be very happy to speak to you about your concerns regarding your visit to the office.  We want every visit to be a positive experience and every experience to be better than the one before.   We urge you to call our office manager to discuss your visit.

4 stars




London Square Main Street Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics replied:

You may opt out of text messaging or e-mail confirmations at any time. Please follow the instructions on the e-mail to change your preferences. Thank you for your comments.

5 stars Customer since 2010

I took my five children in for their regular checkup and cleaning. The staff was very courteous and professional. It was an overall pleasant experience (of course I wasn't having my teeth cleaned!) The facility is very nice and clean. The waiting area is very kid-friendly.

4 stars

It was a good experience for me, and an excelent one for my 7 years old son, the only thing to be improve is the waiting time, I'm talking about my appointment not my son's, his was perfect.

Thank you so much

London Square Main Street Children's Dentistry and Orthodontics replied:

We pride ourselves in providing excellent patient experience each and every time you are in our office. We value your time and apologize that you had to wait for your appointment.

4 stars Customer since 2011

For starters, thanks for the service as good fast and excellent they gave to my son, on his first visit to the dentist, you left a good impression on him, and now,wants to return as soon as possible!


Good job, guys!

5 stars

Hardly any wait in the waiting room. Staff was very courteous.

5 stars

My insurance company changed dental plans on me and and I was afraid I wouldn't find the same service I had found with my former dental center. I was truly mistaken!!! Main Street Children's surpassed my expectations. The personnel made my girls feel at ease and very comfortable. The office facilities, personnel and state of the art equipment are excellent. The patience and sweetnest of the dental hygienist was great. Not to mention the dentist who took her time during the examination. If anyone is looking for a "Pediatric" dentist, this is your place.

I highly recommend it.


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Animal Medical Center & Spa

4.5 stars 22 reviews

91% would refer friends and family to us


Dr. Minkes & Associates

4.5 stars 492 reviews

I must admit that when I presented myself to the friendly receptionist for my 5:05 appointment, I figured I was in for a long evening. To my initial disappointment, the waiting area was crowded, but Dr. Minkes' team patiently and expertly handled the rush, and before I knew it, my examination was underway. Every member of the staff is personable and highly professional, especially the doctor. Not only did she conduct a thorough examination of my eyes, she explained every step of the process and the reasons for her diagnosis.
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