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This fix was for my sons car, and he is 21 so fully capable to handle on this own. I have been bringing my BMW to you all now for last 6 months so trusted you all would handle my son in same manner. I have been told though that the communication for him was not up to what I would consider to be great customer service...things took longer than expected to get a part but communicating that to him seemed to be lacking in my opinion. Very surprised to hear this cause you all generally over communicate which is good. I had a bad experience the first time I brought my car in by having the wrong tire put on wrong rim, but you all fixed it right away and customer service has always been good and this is why I came back. Concerned the communication with my son was maybe lacking though so now concerned if I will return or continue to give people your info for more business. I am in the customer service business myself so I hold that as an important aspect to get my business. Price is always a factor too, but isn't always the key. Hope this was just a mishap. I like being able to take my car in at the drop of a hat as issues always come when least expected...at the dealer you have to schedule in advance and time is important and don't have a lot of it. If have taken my car in without an appointment and always gets handled, I get a call, I get a card, but expect that with my son too.

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Always do an excellent job, we take our cars only to them. Love us some Tiger and Company. :)

5 stars Verified customer

As always amazing from start to finish..

5 stars Verified customer

The staff at Lucas are super friendly! I've never had any poor customer service, and they take care of my car's needs quickly and excellently! I am a repeat customer.

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There was not a good explanation of charges and bill was one lump sum. Should provide a labor and material breakdown and review charges or people feel ripped off.

3 stars Verified customer

Not your best effort. Figured I'd try the concierge option as i was in a training class at work all week. Seemed awesome and I know John Eagle does it for all their service as well. The pick-up ended up being over an hour late and then the return was botched as well. I called at 4pm to check on progress and was told the car would be delivered in about an hour. I called at 6 and was told it wouldn't be ready until the next day. One of the guys came out to pick me up and give me a ride which was cool and the oil change was comped as well. (much appreciated). Car delivered the next morning. I paid over the phone and was told the CC system messed up and I might be double-charged. Just checked the bank and I was. Just sent an email to service@lucasautocare.com to report the double charge and the email bounced as "rejected by google groups". It seems like everything that could have gone wrong in this experience, did. Have had good experiences with you guys in the past but i think next time i'll just come in to the shop.

5 stars Verified customer

Great customer service!

Felt right at home and service for my BMW was done in no time. They even put my registration and new plates on for me.

5 stars Verified customer

I was looking for a new mechanic, and I drive by Lucas's all the time. I'm so glad I did check them out. The guys are very knowledgeable and willing to help and work with me. When I arrived they wanted to show me the work they did with the car on the lift, explained what they would recommend further down the road, and put me at ease. The bays are super clean, staff is very friendly, and I would recommend them to anyone that needs repairs! Not only did I feel comfortable with the work being done, but all the compliments towards my car made me want to keep coming back for years! Prices are reasonable as well, and are willing to work with you to keep you as a returning customer. I still have to go back for more work, but I have now found a great company that I can trust to work on my car, and very happy to call them my new mechanics!

5 stars Verified customer

I was looking for a good place to take care of a 2002 Mini. I was glad to have found a location in Cedar Park because I wasn't keen on having to go to South Austin where so many other recommended businesses seem to be located. Maybe I had no business buying a car that can potentially be expensive to maintain and repair since I don't have a lot of money but my wife really wanted something cuter and more fun than the vans and other family friendly vehicles she's had over the years. I mention that because I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to afford a place like Lucas Auto Center. My perception from their web site was the the clientele was pretty high end, with all the Mercedes and Mazeratis and Porches etc. Well, the guys behind the front counter were friendly and helpful. The place is bright and clean, unlike many of the greasy, dark warn out auto shops I usually end up at. "Tiger" , the owner, took time to step into the waiting area and chat. It was a pretty nice experience. And the work got done in good time, and for what I thought was a reasonable price. I will go there the next ime I need help with my car.

5 stars Verified customer

What you have with Lucas Auto Care is a genuine RELATIONSHIP. Tip-top service for your car, but they also provide plenty of information. The owner and the mechanics possess the integrity of Sunday-School teachers: you'll easily see it for yourself when you visit. They will take very good care of both you and your car. In the past, auto shops have taken me to the cleaners a couple of times that I know of: charging me for work either not done or not necessary. With Lucas, I know this will never happen again.

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