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2 stars Customer since 2014

My insurance company limited me to the places I could choose. Lovett, out of all the options, seemed like the best. Unfortunately, one of the biggest complaints I have is that every time I've left I've felt like my teeth and what I'm feeling doesn't matter. The only people who seemed welcoming were the people at the front while the rest of the staff, from the guy taking my X-rays to the dentist, have seemed rushed and uninterested in taking the time to really hear what I had to say. No cavities. Thankfully that's what I was told the first day I showed up. However, a couple of my older cavities seemed to be giving way which is why, according to the dentist, my jaw was hurting. After I got my fillings redone and after the Novocain wore off my jaw began hurting like it never had before. And it continued hurting seven days after. In fact, as I'm writing this my jaw is still killing me. I called to ask if I could get it looked at and was told that I could bring it up during my cleaning (which is soon). I'm in such severe pain, though, I want a little assurance that something will be done rather than me pleading my case and being scheduled for ANOTHER appointment in the future. So being valued, not as a customer, but as a human being with real problems doesn't seem to be a concern here.

One final note: the facility seems like it's in a state of organized chaos. I say this because when I arrived for my filling work I had also been told I would be fitted for a mouth guard that day. In fact, I paid the full amount when I walked in. After my filling work, I was walked up to the front and told they would schedule my fitting another day. When I said I already paid the money there was a look of confusion. And then the assistant and receptionist went back and forth on what went wrong and how to get it right for the next appointment. No money was refunded even after asking about it. I simply paid for a procedure that they didn't do and am waiting to get the fitting. All in all I'm not too happy but as I said, I'm limited on options with my insurance.

4 stars Customer since 2012

Very little wait time for this visit. Very staff.

4 stars Customer since 2014

I really enjoy the friendly faces and Valarie felt they did a wonderful job . Thank you !

4 stars Customer since 2014

Very experienced dentist.

2 stars Verified customer

Long wait, even though I showed up before appointment time. I waited almost 50 minutes. Too many people, makes you feel like you're just a number. Receptionists are nice. I've never been to a dentistry facility of this type, I'm used to more of an intimate setting with the dentist. I don't think this "fast-food" type of service is my thing.

2 stars Verified customer

My original visit was perfect. The follow up was horrible! My sons dental assistant was rude & curt. She even attempted to repremand me for 'not reading the paperwork'....then proceeded to give me that same paperwork for me to sign AFTER his procedure. How was I suppose to read it if you never gave it to me!?!?! We will not be back.

1 stars Verified customer

If I could give a lower rating I would. They have poor communication between staff, they always screw up my appts and they make me the middle man between them and my insurance. They tell me one day I won't have to pay for something then 6 months later charge me. They send the wrong info to the insurance and when my insurance wont pay, they make me call and figure out why instead of having the billing/claims person do it. They are very unprofessional, do poor work in regards to everything. Never will I go there again, nor would I ever dare to suggest someone to go there.

4 stars Verified customer

all the staff are very kind and professional.

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I love n my kids r happy to go to Lovett dental just need a place 4 little kids to have some toys to play with the tv is nice but hangs on toys

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Excellent, on-time service