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The staff is pleasant but there is no such thing as a simple procedure at this office. Cleanings are never what the ins. covers, but always more involved & cost more. I went in at the end of December with pain and while I was there, asked them to recement a cap that had fallen out. I had the cap, I had no pain in that tooth. (Still have the cap) They told me that they would have to make a bridge, which would cost me $1550.00. I told them I didn't want that and would not pay $1550.00, when all they had to do was recement my cap. The tech and the dentist walked away from me and nothing was done. A root canal was needed under the bridge that they did do on the other side of my mouth, less than 2 yrs ago, & now the bridge came loose already. I called last week to get that recemented AND to get the other tooth cemented. No one returned my call. I have changed dentists. Get the feeling that they work on commission for the Gentle Dental Corporation.

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Treatment plan a little confusing but everyone was very nice.

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Like I said in my last review I was treated great but thought the pricing was incorrect per my insurance provider. After calling my insurance and having them explain the procedures and codes, Gentle Dental was correct in the price quote they gave me. I am sorry for the bad review it was my mistake. I highly recommend Gentle Dentle please forgive my mistake

Ken Vetter

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I went in for a routine cleaning, supposedly I ended up needing a "new" cap to replace one I had no problems with, then next, needed a filling and then a root canal. I called around to several dentists & found I was charged at the high end for the root canal. The injection site left my inner gum literally in shreds, very painful. Then the girl up front gave me a useless appt to have my cap permanently put in - they didn't leave enough time to have it done. I left work early, not to get paid and for nothing. My husband's experience was just as bad. When he challenged the about how much they were charging, they re-negotiated the price which means they were trying to rip him off from the outset. EVERYONE I work with told e not to go there. I will go back to work & tell them they were right. Never again.

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I brought my son to Gentle Dental rather than a pediatric office because my husband had a good experience there. We were very pleased with Dr. Driscoll. She has a very good demeanor with children and was very pleasant and informative. She was also very gentle with my son. Although the hygenist was very thorough and pleasant my son felt she was a little rough and he would have liked a gentler hand. Overall it was a very good experience and we will be returning to see Dr. Driscoll again.

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i understand that dental facilities cannot survive on HMO cleanings and count on "other work" to make $. But i am discouraged by the "up-sell" i experience at every dental office i go to.

Otherwise, the facility was clean and my hygienist professional and thorough.

Sage Dental of Jupiter replied:

Dear Anonymous,

We advise our patients on the preventive treatments they need to avoid future dental issues. A few low cost preventative treatments can actually save money in the long term. Patient care and satisfaction is our priority.

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This office visit was the best dentist experience ever. The staff were knowledgeable, efficient and friendly. My family has a new favorite dentist!

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No waiting, professional and informative!!!

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On Oct. 19th Dr. Azzari placed my post and finished crown for my implanted molar. I expected the new implant to have an adjustment period and that I would most likely feel it in place for awhile. This was not the case and I was very surprised that it was comfortable right away! Good job Dr.Jason Hersh and DR. Scott Azari!. Thank you!

Marilyn Rich

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Attentive, thorough, quick and painless!