93.6% would refer friends and family to us

3 stars Verified customer

Very accommodating staff. I wish they would just take more time in explaining differences in tire quality & prices.

5 stars Customer since 2004

The guys at Evans Tire on Convoy are excellent! I got a super good deal on a set a tires! There's simply no reason to go anywhere else! Thank you so much!

5 stars Customer since 2009

I came in late on Friday and I got treated very well. I was satisfied with the job and I would recommend them to a friend.

5 stars Customer since 2016

Carlos and the team made the whole experience easy and enjoyable. All of the services were explained in detail and the wait time was acceptable. The only negative was that the coffee was cold but for the customer service and work I received, the cold coffee was easy to overlook.

5 stars Verified customer

Excellent service !!! Very helpful and knoledgeable

5 stars Customer since 2015

They are friendly hard workers.

Helped me out in a timely manner.

5 stars Customer since 2010

Carol is very excellent with customer service

Evans Tire & Service Centers Convoy replied:

Thank you Tony for the reviewing our Convoy location. We appreciate you taking the time and will inform Carol. We hope you refer a friend or family member, so we can provide the same great customer service.

4 stars Customer since 2016

It was good!! they met me expectations and they gave me a fantastic deal, however I arranged that deal by phone with a call center not at the location. I chose that location because of the distance from my home, and as a regional manager in the retail industry; I admire the fact that they adhered to their protocols with my credit card, However it was a little inconvenient when all we had to do was find alternative source to not inconvenience me or piss me off, which did happen! But I kept my composure, and I did let them know of my disdain!! My husband's American Express card, and one of our visas, do not have our married name on them, it has my husband's maiden name, and therefore caused confusion and made it look like I had somebody else's credit card, and I get that!

I had to run home and wake up my husband sleeping (because he works graveyard) to get his ID or get some sort of other additional documentation which I did. If it were me, I would have remained making eye contact with my customer, smile with empathy and say: I'm sorry you have to run back home, how about one of my guys drives you so you don't have to waste your fuel and time...and we will go ahead and get those tires started now while your taking care of that. I kind of felt like Carlos, the store manager, thought that I was trying to conduct a fraudulent transaction, because my husbands credit card doesn't have my last name on it...because we are married!! When I returned, Carlis had another guy look at everything, including my husband's id, and then he verbally sgated out loud "does it look legit?" I am legit until proven not legit, so he's not a good manager, you don't use subjective words of that nature or that kind out loud in front of your customers; you take your person aside and say other objectives, (NOT subjective material), (i.e. "make sure that everything we need is present and valid, then finish the transaction please")--privately!!

Now... I'm going to go Out on a limb here and be subjective to you, and tell you that this is a typical male dominated masculine heterosexual industry, and these guys lack empathy or sympathy in business to be able to use a genuine-caring approach with emotional affection to provide excellent phenomenal world-class customer service in a particular adversity situation, and that's where I come in. because I could teach any company how to do this, and increase your sales, and grow and be the leader of what you do in your industry

this is an example of...you never know if your customer is, or what they do for living!

As a retail regional manager/district manager and world-class customer service trainer of over 18 years, I learn the most by being a customer; "Thank You" for the opportunity to give this candid feedback. Good Luck to you... Teach your managers to be objective not subjective, especially in a day and age where there is an extreme amount of diversity in the world.

Stan Warehime Jr

5 stars Customer since 2015

excellent, prompt service. dependable and everyone ate very nice specially Carlos!!!!

1 stars Customer since 2015

excellent. as always everyone are very nice specially Carlos. prompt service. dependable!

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There's a new lady vet I've never met but she was awesome and she really knew what she was talking about. My Malti-Poo has crazy allergies and right off the bat unlike a lot of other vets, she got down to what my baby needed to eat, use for his skin, what was the causes for some of the scars he had...etc. Loved it all! Thank you!!
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