99.2% would refer friends and family to us

5 stars Customer since 2009

Simple fabulous. All staff are great but I GOT THE BEST dental hygienist and person who polished my teeth. As always I love my Dentist Dr. Freedman she is the best!

I always enjoy my goody bag.

5 stars Customer since 2012

The experience was great as always. The kids don't mind going to the dentist because Dr. Mcllveen and her staff make them feel very comfortable and relaxed.

5 stars Customer since 2014

My 4year old daughter really does not like having her teeth cleaned and fights the whole time. The staff and Dr. McIlveen are extremely patient and kind! They bring her into a special exam room with a TV screen on the ceiling. They make every effort to comfort her and work as quickly as possible. They even remember her favorite toothbrush color and character from the previous visit. My daughter left happy and smiling. I can't even imagine taking my daughter to any other dentist!!!

5 stars Customer since 1998

Everything was great as usual. All so sweet.

5 stars Customer since 2006

I have been a patient here for over 15 years and love the care I have been given!

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Check in was quick and no wait time!

5 stars Customer since 2000

Service is always timely and of good quality. Dawn is great!

5 stars Verified customer

Dr. Mac is the best for my son. Thank you!

1 stars Customer since 2016

I love Dr Mcllveen and the staff - having said that, I am extremely disappointed tho in the resulting bill for a simple tooth pull. I really would have expected and appreciated *anyone* at all, over the two separate entire visits to the practice where we discussed my daughter's loose tooth (that just wouldn't seem to come out on its own) and how that would play out with billing from our insurance (which did provide half coverage). I didn't see it as elective surgery - the loose tooth was months long in falling out and was impacting the teeth growing around it, and thats something I will indeed follow up with our Carefirst insurance. Secondly tho - I am aghast at the price quoted for some time and gas to effect the pull, hundreds and hundreds of dollars seems exorbitant to the effect that I'm considering switching to another practice.

So, the only way I can ensure my feedback is looked at is to give them low marks - the truth is the staff is super nice and Dr McIllveen had an appropriately firm but friendly manner that worked extremely well for my son who is on the Aspergers scale on the Autism spectrum. I'm just upset at the pricing for something that I would consider the a rather common and routine 'help' that a Dentist citing care for children would cover. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss, thanks for taking the time to honestly review the feedback, I hope it makes it all the way to the practice and someone that can think about it.

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Been coming to dr Mcllveen for years, their practice never fails to get the job done in a professional manner as well as being family friendly