Every child deserves quality health care, and Carousel is committed to providing the care, education and support your family needs to develop healthy lifestyles here in Austin. This includes comprehensive pediatrics, dental and orthodontic care, as well as a growing list of specialty services and therapies to ensure your child grows up to be a healthy, happy adult.

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White Angel Animal Hospital

5 stars 177 reviews

Where to even begin? My dog Mollie means the world to me, truly. So when I found a lump on her belly I was very concerned. She is also a Teacup Yorkie, only weighing 4 pounds. In those types of dogs bad teeth is a common occurrence. I knew her teeth were really bad but I never had the funds to do much about it. She is also 10 years old. Selfishly, I never wanted her to be put under and risk losing her... so she never was spayed either. But when I found the lump on her belly, I knew it was time to spring into action. This is where the amazing staff at White Angle Animal Hospital come in. Dr. Z immediately came up with a game plan... full dental cleaning and multiple extractions, spay, and mass removal to be sent off to check for Cancer. I was TERRIFIED. But Dr.Z was so great with calming me and fully explaining the entire process... also sharing her scary stories about the animals she loves. The amazingness of White Angel doesn't just stop at Dr. Z... her staff is incredible as well. Her assistant, Lenore, was so comforting and caring. She even gave me a hug when I broke down crying after dropping Mollie off for her extensive surgery. I couldn't imagine doing any of this as well, without Lenore. I consider her a true friend now. Christy, who is at the front desk was also very understanding and good with explaining everything. It's almost been a week now since Mollie's major surgery. She is doing better and better everyday. She had 16 total teeth extracted, spay, and the mass completely removed from her tiny belly. That is a lot for my tiny 10 year old dog, but Dr. Z is very talented. I almost can't believe how well Mollie is doing, and believe that with her surgery I've given her a few more years on this Earth with me. Which is Everything. I also got the call a day ago... Mollie's mass is BENIGN!!! Cancer free =)... Dr. Z called right when she found out and I've been walking on sunshine ever since. I go back next week to get Mollie's stitches out, and plan on hugging every single one of them again, and Thank Them Profusely. They are a Care Credit Provider which made me be able to finance the entire surgery. I was so grateful to be able to do something quickly, and not feel helpless. So in Conclusion, if your pet means the world to you, like mine does to me... White Angel Animal Hospital is the place for you and the one you love. They are at talented and incredible staff and I couldn't be happier with the care and service I received. From the bottom of my heart... Thank You White Angel Animal Hospital <3
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Halina European Day Spa & Salon- Burnet Rd

5 stars 524 reviews

Excellent massage and reflexology. Tanya does a great job unkinking the knots I get in my shoulders from sitting in front of a computer all day.
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