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It is a very nice looking studio. I really liked the teacher. Brenna was very sweet. You could adjust to her poses depending on your level. Her music choice was excellent.

I was surprised that they do not have anybody at the front to do the check in. I bet it is difficult for the teachers to do the check in and give a class. Not much time for the teacher to get into the class mindset.

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I went to hot yoga at 6 am.

Great instructing like always but the room was not at all hot enough. My favorite hot yoga in the city but the temp is somewhat inconsistent and that is frustrating.

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Love the studio (especially the radiating heat) and LOVE the instructors - especially Panithi and and Katite! Saturday morning classes are pretty crowded, so either get there early or just go to the 6 am weekday classes.

5 stars Verified customer

Fantastic instructors! Great vibe! Nice facility!

5 stars Verified customer

My favorite bikram yoga studio in SF!

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Body Temp Yoga is the best place to get a good quality yoga class. They offer lots of different classes for all levels. The staff is super friendly and willing to help you improve and grow. The location is great and the studio is always very clean.

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The sculpt 75 class was amazing, haven't sweat that much in years. I'll be coming back for more next week. I've already told 5+ friends, truly wonderful!!

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The studio itself was great. Very clean, very nice upon entry of the room, well regulated temperature.

As a beginner, I docked 2 stars because the instructor wasn't particularly helpful. She started the class even though there were clearly people who were looking for places to set their mats down. Because the class had started, folks who would have been very accommodating in moving mats were preoccupied and unhelpful to those wandering about the room looking for space. Also, since the instructor was practicing along with the room, beginners were forced to look around or even worse push themselves into the wrong poses with incorrect form (guilty as charged) because there was no guidance. I think the class would be a-ok for an intermediate or advanced yoga practitioner, but wasn't welcoming to new folks looking to make yoga a habit.

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I've been coming to the studio for many years now, since 2000 I think. I have always enjoyed the classes and instructors - top notch. Now that the studio has been under its current ownership for a few years, a few --what I intend as constructive--comments seem appropriate.

The dogma has changed. For some instructors more than others. To be taught how to do a posture and why to do it in a particular way by the same person(s) for over a decade and then have that dogma radically change with no explanation as to why is concerning and impacts credibility of the instructor. Why was what was taught for so long, by the same people, suddenly wrong?

Also, there are some times when so many posture options are provided, I don't know what the intended expression of the posture or correct form is supposed to look like. So, while I think the variations are great, sometimes they come at the expense of clear direction.

Body Temp Yoga replied:

Thank you for your clear and concise back. The reason why our dogma has changed is because I don't believe dogma belongs in yoga. The variations are there to better suit every body in the room. My philosophy is that we make the yoga work for everyone's body and not make every body work for one instructors perception of yoga alignment. No one is ever wrong in the room. If anything, I've removed that idea that people are doing anything wrong. The best I can do as an instructor help each individual discover the alignment that best works for them. Not everyone can or should do the same posture the same exact way. No two bodies are the same. In fact, we're all pretty radically different in body, mind, and emotion. We don't do cookie-cutter corrections. There are other studios that are better suited to that sort of thinking. I'm not saying that's wrong if that works for you. Terrific! But it's not our philosophy and as owners of the studio I think we have the right to determine the focus and direction of our yoga.

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Chad and rick

Sometimes music is tooooo loud and selection to not contemplative producing..

Does anyone else express this?

Also in San Francisco


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