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Very good took picture in. stylist tried looks good but not exactly like picture

Still cute

She really tried

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Perfect as always!

1 stars Customer since 2014

Very unhappy with the outcome of my highlights and nothing was ever done about it nor did any manager even had the decencey to call me back from the "email" that the girl who answered the phone, was supposed to have done! I spent $72 on a master cut person to do half a head highlights & a haircut. The master cut student did NOT even leave the product in my hair long enough to even turn my highlighted area to the light blonde hair color that i already have on the rest of my hair so now my hair still looks like i have about 4 inches of reddish roots! Very unsatisfied by all of this & I will never return to Aveda to get my hair done nor buy anymore products!

5 stars Customer since 2006

I tried a new master student called Hayley and she was courteous and very professional! I have tried many students there since they opened and have never been dissatisfied. They run a top-notch operation.

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Great pedi!Nice person! Excellent products!

4 stars Customer since 2014

Tia was awesome. My pedicure was relaxing and looks great. My only complaint would be the pedicure seating. While the benches look great, they aren't verycomfortable. I prefer the spa chairs that allow me to relax during the pedicure.

4 stars Customer since 2004

I'm a tough critic and believe there it's always room for improvement in any business. That is my only reason for the 4 start review. My master student Caitlyn was terrific and very friendly. The teaching staff were ever present and encouraging. The salon looked and felt like a professional salon, not a school. I'll be back for more.

3 stars Verified customer

As a single mom of 2, I rarely get to go shopping alone. At this last visit, I was looking forward to quietly and slowly looking at all the products and perhaps trying new things. Instead, I felt bombarded immediately by a sales rep. I politely thanked her for her advice, and told her that I did not need any assistance. After my perusing was interrupted 4 times with a sales pitch for each product I touched, I grabbed the items I really needed and paid as fast as possible. It was not enjoyable or relaxing; instead I left irritated. I've always enjoyed going to the Aveda stores because of the calming unassuming feel to them, this was not what one would expect from Aveda.

2 stars Verified customer

I have a very mixed review ... the facial was great! The only thing I thought could use some improvement was a firmer touch w/ application of product and massage.

That said, what was to be the Mani/Pedi turned into a Mani only. The woman was clearly not happy that she was pulled from masters level work with hair to do nails since the new students were in class. First it took over a 1/2 for an instructor to look at my nails and said ...yes, time to get started?!? With all this lag time, it might have been appropriate to get ready (polish, water, supplies, etc.) Yet the first thing she asks is if I had polish - uhmm ...No? So walk back to the front of the building ... then wait for water ... 45 mins after appointment time to get started. But the real problem was the quality of the service and the attitude. The nails were filed haphazardly, then the polish was glopped on to the point that 2 nail's polish had to be removed and reapplied. There was a brush on the table (probably to clean the nails after the cuticles) but it wasn't touched. In all honesty, I wasn't sure this woman was even trained in doing nails it was such a poor job. Very little conversation and she picks up everything and starts to herd me to pedi station when I put the brakes on ...not spending a penny more here! So She walks me to the front, drops the paperwork and never asked how the service was or why I didn't want the pedi since I would have been happy to oblige an answer. there was no instructor's intervention on the back end ... overall a hot mess :( They didn't charge me for the mani and explained the student were in session. I would have preferred they said we really don't have anyone to do the service than let someone who had no interest in doing it tackle it. The basic combo is $30 - not super cheap and they don't use the nippers so if you have an ingrown toe nail, etc. there's no respire :(

Directly after the appointment, I went to another nail salon across from Countrywide. $32 for a great mani / pedi and the woman was pleasant during the entire time. She was there to give me a great service and not worried about what other things she was missing out on.

3 stars Verified customer

I love Aveda. Last time it took an hour longer than usual, but I think she did a decent job