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Well let's see I made an appointment for 10:15am and did not leave until after 4pm for some partial highlights that completely did not come out how I wanted or asked for .. after 6 hours.. I was this students first cleint which I SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN if they were unaware of how to do highlights or not ready to do without the help he needed.. I do not blame the student because he was doing the best he could and still after 6 hours of being with him he was very pleasent but my hair did not come out very well or anywhere near of the highlights I WAS EXPECTING... OH NOT EVERYONE DRINKS TEA ...OR WARM WATER.. COFFEE would have been much appreciated after being there all day long...!!!!!!!!

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A very pleasant experience and one of the best haircuts I have ever had.

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Another fabulous visit with Leah B. Color and cut perfect - Service was above & beyond.

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Where do I start. So I showed up at this location to get my roots redone (I had gotten them done in Baton Rouge @ that Aveda and all of the color washed out due to them using the wrong developer). Simple enough. At the end of the service, the student offered to "trim" my split ends- I didn't even think about it and said OK. Well 4 INCHES LATER!!!!! She kept cutting and cutting. I was terrified. I saw the pile on the floor. She claimed that wasn't my hair. It was leftover from another cut in someone else. Well boy was she lying. I had to leave with wet hair since her blow dryer blew. When I got home I dryer my hair AND FREAKED! All of my hair was gone- 4 INCHES! Who the H thinks 4 inches is a trim?! And on top of it the entire back was totally uneven. Worst part about all of this is that is was Christmas Eve so no one could do anything- I had to go through my entire holiday season with uneven hair. I am devastated. Finally after reaching out to them and the director, apparently there is nothing they can do about it (even though I was very specific I never authorized a 4 inch cut- only a dusting trim ). I had been growing my hair out for 2 years and now I am back to where I was 2 years ago. I am just absolutely devastated. And on top of all of this, I keep asking for my signed paper work for authorization of services and no one can produce it. I guess next step is to reach out to the cosmetology board.

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Great experience as always. Aarin is going to be a great stylist.

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I like the way my hair color turned out and I had my bangs trimmed, that was fine too. But I don't feel it should have taken 2 1/2 hours to have it all done. And I understand about wanting to have the students be happy while they are learning, but they also should be taught professionalism, so when they graduate and start working, they know how to conduct themselves properly. There was a lot of horsing around and acting unprofessional when I was there.

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I had a great experience at Aveda Institute. I got 4.5 inches of hair lobbed off and it was perfectly done. The student was careful but confident and gave me the blunt cut and length I wanted. The process was checked many times over by a supervisor who added in some very subtle layers in the end. All in all, I am so pleased with the experience and the result.

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very good service, professional. They try their best to meet your needs.

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Very relaxing and my skin looked great afterward.