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First let me start off by saying GiGi has offered for me to come back to correct my highlights and do the haircut. There was a line when I was checking out (only one computer working) so I told them I would have to call to schedule because I needed to check my schedule.

I've had my hair done at a beauty school for the last 25 years. I've been coming to your location for the last 3 years, since I moved to NOLA. Saturday was the first time I have ever had an appointment and not once during the entire process did an instructor come by to check on the student, Tyriel. Gigi did the initial check before Tyriel started the process. I thought it was odd no one checked on her.

I was there for a partial foil (touch up my roots) and a haircut. Tyriel had me turned to the side so I couldn't see how she was putting the foils in. Once she turned my chair I noticed she was only putting the bleach on my old growth and no where near my scalp. Like she was doing an hombre look. I asked her how she was going to do my roots and she said they were taught to come back later and put the bleach on the roots. Needless to say I ended up with clumps on bleach on my scalp, about 1/2 inch of growth with not touched and a lot blonder ends than I expected.

On the haircut I wanted just 1/4 of an inch off the overall length, but I wanted at least an inch cut off my layers. Tyriel spend about 30 minutes cutting my layers. She was only cutting about an 1/8 of an inch off the layers. I keep telling her I wanted more cut off my layers. Finally I just asked her to skip the haircut because I really needed to go. I had been there about 4 hours at that point. I have extremely think hair an and when I looked at the floor I couldn't even tell she had cut anything.

Tyriel went to get an instructor for the final check. That was the first time I seen an instructor since before the process started. Gigi can over to check out Tyriel and asked how my service was. That's when I shared with her I didn't care for the new process of putting bleach on the scalp after wrapping the old growth in foils. That's when Gigi noticed that I had blonde clumps on my scalp. Another instructor had walked over at that point (Katherine/Kathleen/ I don't remember her name) and they told me to make another appointment to come back and they wouldn't charge to fix it.

They also told me this was Tyriel's first day on the floor and I was her first client. I was mortified for this poor student at this point. I have no problems being someone's first client. I think it's great. I am disappointed that on her first day on the floor not one instructor came by to check on her, to see if she had any questions, nothing. Like I mentioned earlier I have been a client of beauty schools for years. This was the first service when an instructor never came by during the process.

You didn't let me down as a customer I feel you let this student down by not offering her more support for her first day on the floor.

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Very friendly and relaxing. The haircut itself was great as well.

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Always good.

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The student did a great job. She listened to my concerns and likes and made recommendations to help me take care of my hair at home. She was proactive in trying to reduce the amount of time at the salon. I was happy with the end result.

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I just picked up products, but the receptionist was very know Ned and helpful.

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All though my hair color came out great, I was there for 3 hours. The student that did my hair disappeared for long periods of time. I explained when I came in I had somewhere to be at 3pm. I had to come back so the student could style my hair. When I paid for my services, I told them I'd be coming back so I can have the student style my hair. When I explained I'd been there for 3 hours, two of the employees behind the counter became very rude. I've never had such terrible service. The master student was extremely slow and was more worried about her cell phone then doing her job properly. Extremely disappointed!!!

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The student was very helpful!! Love the calming experience here!

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Teara, the master student, was great. She has a wonderful personality, and really listened to what I asked for. Since I didn't have a picture, she found one on her phone and hit it spot on! Everyone was super-friendly. I went to the grocery store next door just after my appointment and a woman literally stopped her car to tell me how amazing my hair looked. That doesn't ever happen to me! Thank you for a great experience.

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Student very distracted. Gave me a hand message but only did one hand. While having already started my color was called away. After applying color leaves without comment for 23 mins. Educator never came & checked work unti I was ready to leave.

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I had a pedicure yesterday. The student was very friendly, and detail oriented. She had a lovely light touch when applying the polish. She did an outstanding job.