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Good service

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My overall experience at Affordable Dentures was a very pleasant one. The entire staff were very friendly and courteous. Each procedure was explained in detail ahead of the procedure. A workable treatment plan was set up.

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I am always satisfied with my visits to Affordable Dentures. I am always treated well, and everyone is friendly. The dentists are willing to spend time discussing options, and they always give great advice. This time we discussed the stabilization for uppers, and I discovered that I am not a good candidate for the procedure due to bone loss. The dentist agreed with my decision to forego the procedure, and made me feel that the decision was a wise one. They always seem to have the patients' best interest in mind.

4 stars Customer since 2014

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Excellent service

Friendly staff

Notice high turner over of clients ( fast service)

Very pleased with my dental work



Friendly staff

Short waiting time

Negative Response :

I was one the last client. I felt that my Doctor did a rush job fitting my lower denture. I sense that she felt that I should have been pleased. There were problem with it fitting. (still problems), it is rubbing my gum & a sharp edge that is causing me pain. The Dr. stated that I could wear for a week to determined if there were a problem. I left there with my lower plate rubbing into my gum & a sharp edge of one of the tooth. I felt uncomfortable after the Dr. kept expressing her opinion. I will be going back on today (7/11/2014) to see if they can help to solve this process . This process took place on 7//10/2014.

be please

Negative responded:

I was one of the last client, I felt that my Doctor rushed my process of making sure that my denture fit. There was a problem with my lower set of denture. It is not corrected. I will stop by today (7/11/14) to see if someone will see me.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Neva Jones

4 stars Verified customer

Ya'll are the best.

4 stars Verified customer

I had a good experience overall ,of course being nervous is expected when getting a new top plate. I prefer Mrs. Christine to do my work , she was very explanatory and saved me money as well ,,my road with my new teeth as just began!!! I pray that by the time its all over with next year I will have that beautiful smile again......That's the motto,,Right ,Thank you again.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Every one was very kind to me. Most of them explained a lot for me. I don't really care for my temp. dentures They actually fell out of my mouth today. They show way too much gum and there are some sharp parts.

5 stars Customer since 2014

Quick appointment, quality, professional and fast service. Friendly staff and reasonable prices.

4 stars Verified customer

I really want to commend the dr.s & especially the staff for their kindness & understanding ..

5 stars Customer since 2014

Very pleasant bedside manners with entire staff!

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100% would refer friends and family to us


Adams Eyecare

3.5 stars 15 reviews

This is over all the worst experience I've ever had at a doctors office so far in my life! It wasn't the doctor it was the staff Extremely rude During my visit we tried on glasses on my daughter as we were instructed to do Some of the tags on the glasses had fallen off on to the floor.. we were unaware of this .. We ever heard this old lady there said she didn't care if she made us mad or not she was going to say something to us . She got in the middle of floor raise your voice and she started to speak about the tags falling off the glasses and how she was going to make me pay for them if it happens again .. I replied to her well its not like we knew they had fallen off.. Then I heard a lady go around to the front desk where are the other ladies were Gather together as I started whispering and talk about us.. We overheard them talking about my daughter who had a baby there and Us as a family who were trying on glasses on my daughter It was very unprofessional I would never recommend that my dog walk into that building Then we saw one of the staff members crying And another lady came in off the street very upset over her paperwork that they had messed up It was all around the worst experience I've ever had I would never recommend them to anyone it seems like his staff is trying to ruin the doctors business Especially the old lady who stated loudly that she could care less if she offended as or not Word of mouth is your biggest clientele And I plan on telling everybody I know and I know a lot of people It really stinks because it was a very nice office In a good location That's convenient for us But its like they say you never know if you get a wolf in sheep's clothing Seems like they want to have everything out early they would also have their staff probably lying to continue to build what seems to be a good business but once you get a taste of it its like better wine.. Would never ever ever waste my money there again I would rather give it to somebody who deserved it because of the way they treated me and my family It was an awful day my daughter is having some problems that hopefully can be corrected And now having a try to find another doctor I'm not even from Louisiana It is all around awful And it seems like some of the other reviews I read once I got home This ain't the first time they've had a bad review for a rude staff The doctors aware of it that many times he's apologize openly online for their behavior Seems like it's time to be getting a new staff At least one who cares about your success of your business and your customers Not just the rich people coming there to drop the money in your pocket Because that's all we noticed. I was only one lady who was nice wasn't that whole building And I wish I knew her name I want to find out what her name is I'm going to let the Dr know that she's the only one who deserves to be honored and esteemed as one of his staff Members. Very very very disappointed Upset and stressed out What should have been a pleasant experience turned out to be a nightmare.
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