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Very good servis

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I really love my hair ..katie did a job on making my highlights good

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Staff is friendly, never over booked, salon is always clean.

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Courtney was great!

5 stars Customer since 2016

Spa pedicure and manicure. Barbie did a great job. She was very nice to talk to also.

4 stars Verified customer

This was my second experience with Aveda - the first was FIVE STARS! My second experience included a partial highlight and haircut with a Master. I am truly pleased with my haircut and color however ... my stylist lacked confidence and - on more than one occasion - insisted on consulting with her "educator" - and as a result, I became very, very afraid ... I am grateful for these consulatations - knowing that this is the "Institute" - for a "Master", I would expect more confidence in ability, suggestions for issues I have questioned, and ideas for "my style" based on my profession, age, etc. And so, I was somewhat disappointed. Again, I am totally pleased with my results yet, suggest that the Institute address the above ...

Thanks so much! I will continue to visit the Institute and recommend to all I know ...

1 stars Customer since 2010

My hair was cut so badly that I will have to wear it up for about five weeks. It cannot be fixed because one side is too short and I don't want the other side shorter because then wouldn't be able to wear up to cover the mistake. Stylist left color on me for an hour and 5 minutes. She said she would be back in 45 minutes. My hair takes 30-40 minutes to process and after an hour I went and got the educator to tell her it had been an hour. Stylist said why did I do that because it takes longer to process mine. IT WAS AN HOUR AND 5 MINUTES! I think I know my hair. I get it colored every 5 weeks. It doesn't take that long top cover and besides, she could have come to check on it. The educator never came back after the stylist told her what she was going to do. The educator never asked her what process she was going to do to cut my hair. I showed a picture of myself from a few months ago and asked her to err on the side of too long instead of too short. She said "of course!" Then turned my chair so I couldn't see and cut it 2 inches too short on one side and an inch too short on the other. The inch too short side is ok but the other side is really bad. I took a picture. There is no way I can wear my hair down until it grows out and is cut again. The educator came back and looked at it and said it was ok. I was horrified but didn't want her to cut it any more to fix it because it was so short and like I said if cut shorter I could not pin it up and there was no way I was going to wear it looking like the one short side.

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The best part of my recent- January 2016- salon service was that I actually got a Hand Massage like the students are, I have been told and have heard at least one Educator say, unlike the previous year or so. That is to say I have not had my hands massaged for what seems like about a year here despite this being the salon I continue to come to as my only hair salon. As I alluded to, one time a few months ago I heard the Educator tell the student who was assigned to me to go ahead and give me a hand massage, then the student never did it as though hiding from having to do it. So that time I questioned it on the way out, including asking whether hand massages were done away with here (Davie, Fl.), and The Receptionist offered to give me a hand massage on my way out but I declined that. Anyway, at the instant appointment ... as glad as I was to receive said massage as part of my service this time it was disappointing that the student did not know to apply a generous amount of lotion. She barely applied any lotion so the massage wasn't too good in contrast to the good massages I used to get hear OVER a year ago.

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Student was not that knowledgeable of the Aveda products. As a master student she blow drying skills where they should be.

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Great color, friendly hairdresser.